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can i get some coordination, please?

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It’s that time of year again where I like to throw some advice to all you bride & grooms who frequent my website. In this post I’ll be talking about something I’m extremely passionate about. That is, wedding coordination. It’s the big day. At this point you and or your family have spent thousands of […]

favorite 2011 wedding (second half)

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Are we ready for another contest?? I must say that second half of 2011 had some awesome weddings! In this post you’re going to find one image from each wedding beginning in September of 2011 and ending in December of 2011. When I ask you to vote for your favorite wedding I mean overall favorite. I […]

danaea & mike: hall of springs

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Ok! It’s on blog stalkers! Thats right, the 2012 season has begun. With a nice 4 week break and a couple holidays sprinkled in between, we found ourselves back in it. Who better to set off the 2012 wedding season with than Danaea and Mike? I mean it’s my favorite wedding of the 2012 season. […]

nola and other things..

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OK peeps, I’m back in action! This past week I was in New Orleans for Imaging USA. I must say, I loved Nawlins! This is a must visit city and I’m so glad I decided to go. I was on the fence about going to Imaging this year because right now Kris Ann and I […]

hayden’s photo booth picks!

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Hi everyone!!! For those of you who don’t know me I’m the new addition to the Elario family business.  You may recognize me from the blog as the photo booth girl, but recently the girl who is posing for “wind shots” and making silly faces.  That isn’t what I do all day! I am busy […]

favorite 2011 wedding (first half).. again

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Ok.. lets try this again. I had to stop this originally because there was a flaw in my voting system. Lets just say when someone gets over 100 votes in 15 minutes it raises eyebrows around here. This is a fun contest and shouldn’t be scandalous. I’ll leave it at that. When I ask you […]

mona’s top 16

Post Nr. 488

Hey there fellow blog stalkers! #1 fan (and a very pregnant) Mona here to share my list of favorites for the 2011 season! For those of you newer to the blog, check out last year’s blog here. What goes into the making of this list? This year had me poring over engagement sessions, weddings, family shoots – well […]

where we at?

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Where we at? Where we at? Where we AT!? Ok so this is the time of year where things happen. From bridal shows to trade shows we’re all over the place. Lets start with January… January 15,16 & 17th I’ll be hanging at IMAGING USA in New Orleans! I’m stoked for this trip because I’ve […]

favorite 2011 wedding (first half)

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Who does’t love a good old contest? The last one was insane right to the end. In this post you’re going to find one image from each wedding beginning in January of 2011 and ending in August of 2011. There are a total of 22 weddings below and we want to see what was your […]