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owen & tessa

Post Nr. 547

I think it’s time for some cuteness on the blog right? It’s been a while since you all saw little Miss Tessa on the blog. Well, since then she got a brother and his name is Owen. He’s a super cute little guy and comes from two great people, Jess & John. Congrats to you […]

victoria & jason: hall of springs

Post Nr. 546

On Saturday, July 21st Vicki and Jason tied the knot!! It was our first wedding this month that wasn’t at Saratoga National but rather their sister venue, The Hall of Springs! It was easily one of the coolest Saturdays this month too! Thank God for that too! So we set the day off at Vicki’s […]

kate & kyle’s new york city engagement session

Post Nr. 542

I love shooting in NYC! Especially when everything just meshes and comes together. What I mean is the clothing and locations could not have been more perfect throughout this whole shoot. Plus Kate and Kyle are just super photogenic! I knew this was going to be a good one. Kate’s enthusiasm about working with us […]

melissa & matt: saratoga national golf club

Post Nr. 541

Wow it’s hot outside! Which is why you should sit in front of your computer, grab a cocktail and peep this beautiful wedding we just shot last Saturday! I knew from day one when Melissa and Matt met with us I was going to have a great time. For those of you who know these two know what I mean, they’re just fun and exciting and I had a blast capturing that on July 14th, 2012.

lindsay & chris: saratoga national golf club

Post Nr. 540

Ok! It’s July and it’s hot!! This month alone we have four weddings this month at Saratoga National Golf Club and we’re setting it off with Lindsay and Chris!! You might remember these guys from their engagement session I blogged last June. I knew back then they would be an awesome bride and groom. They […]

grace & wyatt

Post Nr. 539

Hey friends!! Today I’ll be sharing two little cuties on the blog. You might remember them from this post back in January of 2011. Anyway it was time for another photo shoot with these two. Their Mother, Mary contacted me and said she wanted to go back to the spot I photographed her and Grace […]