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stella is 1!

Post Nr. 457

We all remember Stella right? Yes!! Something tells me she’s going to make a lot more appearances on my blog! Anyway today we’re sharing her 1 year photos. It’s funny because coincidentally I photographed her exactly a year to date from the newborn session. Just a random fact. Anyway this little cowgirl did a hell […]

nicole & nick: canfield casino

Post Nr. 427

Nicole and Nick have been to many weddings together. 42 to be exact! They even attended wedding #41 (a great dmb song btw) just the weekend before their wedding! Ins’t that wild? Needless to say, Nicole and Nick are seasoned wedding goers and knew exactly what they wanted for wedding #42. It’s now Friday July […]

jivon + anthony = stella

Post Nr. 407

If you’ve been coming two this blog for a while you might remember Jivon & Anthony. Just two years ago they made their first of many debuts on the blog but we’ll get to that in a minute. Since then two years have gone by, a wedding happened and late last September Stella was born. […]

madeline + dave = nicco

Post Nr. 398

It’s that time again on the blog. The time when I get to showcase an adorable baby. I met Madeline and Dave back in 2009 at Tracy & Matt’s wedding where Dave took more picture in the photo booth than anyone else and then again at Jivon & Anthony’s wedding where Madeline was the token dancing […]

belly bump photos with jivon

Post Nr. 309

A question I often get asked is “Do you take maternity/pregnancy photos?”. To answer simply, yes. This is something I’ve done quite a bit of but not often blogged. So former Elario All Star Jivon came in months ago to pick up her wedding books. We all remember Jivon’s engagement session and wedding right? On […]

just dance

Post Nr. 259

Hey all! So sorry for my absence here on the blog. It’s tough when you have just 11 days until you get married. I planned to blog my butt of this month but things happen and I think I can get a pass since it’s my turn to tie the knot. I do plan on […]

how’d i miss that?

Post Nr. 258

What up peeps? This is a fun post right here. I thought I’d title it “how’d i miss that?”. Everyone who follows this blog knows my wedding or engagement session posts can run long. There’s a reason for that and thats because I think there are just so many great images to blog. Sometimes after […]

behind the scenes from 2009

Post Nr. 251

Ah yes folks with the year ending and a new ones beginning that means it’s time for some of that “best of” and behind the scenes stuff. Since last years behind the scenes post was so popular I thought I must do one from the 2009 season. This is a long post and has lots […]