alison & jeff: glen sanders mansion

Oh hey there! Yup, we’re still alive over here 🙂 I know its been a while but stay with me, I have a lot of best of posts, contests and new stuff coming! I hope you’re as stoked for 2013 as I am. There will be some big changes as well with the blog/website too but for now know that there is a lot of good stuff to look forward to in 2013 from us!

Ok onto Alison and Jeff’s wedding! Brrrrrr!!!!!! No doubt this one goes in the book of one of the coldest events we’ve shot. With a high of 27 degrees it didn’t sound bad on paper but THE WIND!!! Ah man the wind was brutal. I don’t know how Alison and Jeff toughed it out for our outdoor shots but they did and thank God for that because I just love snowy images! Plus, we all know Alison was hoping for some snow too so it all worked out. They tied the knot in the Glen Sanders Mansion and then we all moved to the ballroom where The New York Players rocked the house!! No doubt was this a fun one to officially end the 2012 wedding year with. We all thank Alison and Jeff for choosing us to capture their wedding. Here’s to many many years to health and happiness!


The gown from Something Bleu and something all winter brides should have on their feet!

reading a card from, Jeff.

Classic rings..

A little help from her sister, Emmy (love that name)

Oh and   Make Me Fabulous was on the scene

Out front of the Mansion.. it was cold but they all toughed it out. Flowers by Anthology Studio

A freezing cold first look….

so cute!

One from Big Joe’s Leica… look how the wind was whipping around the snow.

Since I had them outside already..

love this one.

again, the wind whipping the snow was crazy!

the men looking fancy in their bow ties.


Small bridal parties are great!

and Mr Handsome arrived… thats Timmy (Pug and Chihuahua  mix) the underbite is just incredible. 🙂

We ventured out to the stockade section for a little extra flavor.

as you can see it didn’t disappoint.

again, the wind…

Loving this configuration..

another favorite.

This is probably my number one favorite though. I love the color and the moment.

This is why you get married in the winter folks..

Meanwhile back at  Glen Sanders Mansion there was a ceremony about to take place.

a great series with Alison and Dad moments before they walked down the aisle..

nice moment during their ceremony.

Mr & Mrs..

 Anthology Studio at  Glen Sanders Mansion

No one does it like The New York Players


good times! congrats you two!

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