Allyson & Donny’s Sagamore Wedding Photos

I hope you’re all ready for Allyson and Donny’s Sagamore wedding photos because I can’t wait to click publish on this blog post! Every time I shoot in Lake George I think how is it possible for me to love this canvas anymore than I do, but I do. It’s seriously a special place. These two had a wonderful day as well. The sun went in when it needed, came out when it needed and the temperature was perfect. It’s like the kind of day where if you were told it would cost extra you’d add it on and not ask how much. We all want to thank Allyson and Donny for having us capture their love. Congrats to you both and here’s to many years of happiness!


The Sagamore. Saturday, August 23, 2014..
Getting made “fabulous” by team MMF
Very cute getting ready outfits!
Fireball for Allyson!
What an awesome gown!
Love this shot of the sisters.
aaaannnnndd Fleurtacious Designs does it again!
🙂 pretty.
1st look!
All smiles.
That’s some backdrop!
Love the veil…
That image on the right tho…
one more then it’s time to get married..
Here comes the bride..
Dad, giving her away.
What a view!
Mr & Mrs..
off to the boat!
Shout out to Joe of The Boathouse B&B of Bolton Landing and his awesome boat, Miss Boathouse!
Love this with The Sagamore in the back..
Like I said in my write up the lighting was perfection all day.
a favorite of mine from the boat series..
Cocktail hour at The Sagamore.
Ain’t she pretty?
The Shelving Rock at The Sagamore by Fleurtacious Designs.
Love this full room shot.
Such a pretty color palette.
Having a moment before they’re introduced.
1st dance, complete with the dip and all!
and the sunset photos… yup
oh wow.
A little Leica action by Big Joe.
their teaser on my Facebook page..
working it.
love this.
and this.
and these! 😉
One more in the spot they tied the knot (hah that rhymed)
Mother son dance..
Allyson was a force out there on the floor. Props to Andy Pratt for keeping the floor packed all night!
and that’s a wrap! Congrats you guys!


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