Ashleigh & Dave’s Hall of Springs Wedding Photos

January 4th 2014 was nothing short of beautiful, cold and awesome. We set off our day as usual with our lovely bride and bridesmaids, team Make Me Fabulous and team Fleurtacious Designs at the Hampton Inn in downtown Saratoga. I liked that Ashleigh was all down for being outside and in the snow. I didn’t even have to convince her! We then headed to the Hall of Springs for a first look and a photo session. When it came time to shoot just Ashleigh and Dave, that’s when the real fun began. I think I asked Ashleigh like 500 times if she was cold and she never said she was uncomfortable or frozen so we kept shooting and shooting! Why not? You don’t always get a winter wonderland like these two had! So pretty!! After we all warmed up it was time to tie the knot and then party! My man DJ Vinny Vin was in control of this party and as usual he crushed it.

Ashleigh and Dave, thank you guys for having us. It was so much fun playing in the snow with you guys. I love couples who are down to have fun and brave the elements, if this is a sign on how 2014 is going to be then we’re going to have a great year! Congrats again to you both!


If you haven’t seen their engagement shoot you should, it was a beautiful fall day!
January 4th 2014..
Just one shoe…
under the fabulous hand of Sue!
oh those buttons…. 😉
A little help from Dave’s Mom..
Ashleigh’s sister, Lauren helps as well.
1st look w/ Dad.
So pretty.
a little closer to help warm each other up.
Boots and pants under those dresses..
B & G
1st look!
The fellas..
I love that most of the snow stayed on the trees..
A little quiet at SPAC this time of year..
Fleurtacious flowers and the Elario Configuration..
more flowers by Fleurtacious and a stunning bride..
Pretty light..
I LOVE this one.
ahh… what a snowy scene we have here..
my fav.
Just an amazing line of trees..
I especially love the golden light coming through the back..
pretty b&w..
ok.. time to tie the knot.
Donna helping out as usual..
DJ Vinny Vin supplied the blue up lights.. looking good.
It’s official..
Mr & Mrs..
Flowers by Fleutacious Designs and stationery by Jenny C Design.
cocktail hour at the Hall of Springs.
Making an entrance..
1st dance..
A great toast by Lauren..
cake cake cake cake
she got him!
party time!!
and of course the Elario Photo Booth!
hey guuuurrrrrllll
congrats you two!


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