Behind the Scenes from 2016

Welcome to my 9th annual behind the scenes blog post!! This is my favorite of all blogs I publish every year! I love sharing all the fun that goes into what we do, so lets get into it..

For those who have not seen one of my behind the scenes posts, here is what they’re all about. Beginning every year we start a folder called “Random Shots” and throughout the year when editing pictures we move the photos that have us in them, other vendors or anything that was behind the scenes. As always the folder has thousands of images in it. Narrowing the 2016 season down was not easy. We’re so happy to get to work with all the people in this post (and those also who might not have made this year’s post). There is no doubt we have some incredible wedding professionals in this area. We love and enjoy working with you all, year after year. Now sit back, relax and peep the behind the scenes from our 2016 season!

If you want to take a look back, here are links to my posts from  2008  2009  2010 , 2011 , 201220132014 & 2015.



We’ll set if off in my office with Jamie sometime in early winter 2016..

First wedding of the year… March 12, 2016 with them boyz (Bigler Productions) and their fedoras.. For fun I tried to incorporate the image that was being taken at the time.

Mike Emery and the 11th member of the NY Players, Big Joe.

capturing Spencer and his boys in the Casino’s bar along with wedding planner Christine Wheat keeping us all on track!

Our mascot, Lexie Lu.. Also.. see that huge bowl of tootsie rolls? Big Joe likes to buy TONS of sweets to torture us with. Not cool.

Back in April my friends at Metabolic Meltdown needed some new photos… They asked me to model my abs but someone needed to take the photos lol..

Loved this group shot..

When we walk by the editing room this is usually what we see. Jamie always hard at work (When she’s not pinning recipes. I see that too, Jamie.)

New toys always make Al Woodard smile.. May 7, 2016… wedding season has officially begun.

Those buttons on them gowns….

Katie O’ was busy last season growing a human but we got to see her on the front and tail end of wedding season..

In 2017 one of my resolutions is to read you wedding planners timelines before I get to the wedding because by the look of Katie’s eyebrow raise I probably didn’t read that one lol. I have to add to this (so people will stop texting me) NO THAT IS NOT A MAN BUN coming out the back of my head LOL. We all know I could never pull that off!!

Love this one..

down in dumbo capturing some beautiful things..

mid May, Washington Park…

Hi Jamie! Have I mentioned how much we love Jamie? She’s been part of our team since spring of 2012 and is so good at everything we throw at her. Yay for Jamie! (she does smile a lot too just not when she’s concentrating 😉

When you find that one piece of shade at The Sagamore.. seriously

I seem distracted in this photo…

oh right thats why. Always nice views at The Sagamore.

My dude, DJ Vinny Vin of NonStop Music is always a blast to have on a wedding. I love watching him take requests too.

When Vinny snags your camera for a selfie..

The making of the “robe shot”

Explaining to Jason how the first look is going to go down.

Cinematographer Ben Pliss trying to stay steady on this boat.

Meghan and Veronica! I dont have to tell you who they work for do I?

and of course Casey Benson!

Reviewing a night shot from Julia and Jason’s wedding.

June 11th 2016… Capturing Alyssa and Jay in Congress Park.

Looks like a “what do we do now?” moment..

I got her to smile tho..

Staying cool in the shade with DJ Mike Reilly and Team Elario’s, Alison.

When at Erlowest you know I’m getting my golf cart selfie with the one and only Alexis.

Run, run and don’t look back..

One final push for Katie O’ just 14 days before her due date.. Little did we know, Grace wasn’t coming for another 12 days after that due date 😳

I keep wondering how Casey and I had a chance to sit down at this wedding but I guess we did.. 

I wish you could see their feet but I can promise you that they’re all standing..

July 3rd 2016… feeling patriotic.

Saratoga is a busy town for weddings and  sometimes you bump into your friends in passing. This is my homegirl Tiffany Wayne doing her thing on Lake Ave..

Red, white and blue wardrobe ✅

Once in a while my little Helene comes to work with me, then I get nothing done and I leave.

I love how the image I took almost looks like these flowers are on a pretty rustic wood table… nope its an eight foot banquet with no linen lol..

but first..

Casey is always so helpful..

and she’s always all smiles..

A couple of Fleurts (Nyla and Danielle) from Fleurtacious Designs making beautiful things..

The New York Players and that 11th member, Big Joe.


Words cannot describe how hot August 13th 2016 was..


My pal, Alex of Alexandria’s Beauty Salon. Why you think my hairs always on point?

Hayden letting guests sneak behind the backdrop for some reason.. whats he doing ?

My 3rd Pop-Up Portrait outside of our studio in Albany..

We work a lot with Styled by Randi, she’s just wonderful and always makes people look amazing in their shoots!

Photo bomb.

When Alex has a few cocktails at her friends wedding, steals my camera but doesn’t know my plan was always to share her selfie in this post.

Labor Day wedding 2016.

Family photos are always a little crazy but I always seem to be having fun while doing it!

The making of some pretty backlight..

another one from the drones vantage point.

Big Joe’s office… it gives me anxiety but somehow he knows where everything is..

Mine on the other hand… and yes my shorts match my post-it notes… and yes, I wear short shorts.

Shooting in the Pavillon Grand with Mr Lovecraft himself.

Erlowest Alexis selfie!!

She said the wind kept pulling off the veil.. sure Casey..

In the fall we celebrate our teams birthdays and Al Woodard always joins us.

Oh look who’s back from maternity leave!

That face Meghan makes when she tells me I have to tie a bow tie for someone.

I have to do it on myself though.. can’t do it backwards very well.

me: “it would be cool if you guys sat down on that dock”

My beautiful and talented wife, Kris Ann of Fleurtacious Designs doing what she does best.

Alison, editing..

These two make us look good. When you get your online gallery so fast or your blog is up within days of your shoot its because of them.

LOVED this engagement session.

This engagement session was nothing short of amazing. Hiking Indian Head and then getting to shoot up here was truly one of the highlights of my year.

Becky’s wedding!!! Of course she loves her flowers, they’re from Fleurtacious!

Pardon the direct and harsh light on these two but I had to snag this one because Katie O’s been there with me for all three Staples weddings.. what a ride!

We call this pose “The Vinny Vin”

Once in a while Big Joe brings along the vintage polaroid and snaps a special shot or two..

This image captures Miss Christine Wheat perfectly.. This bridal suite is a bit chaotic and messy and there is stuff everywhere but she’s as cool and as calm as she always is.

Sharing an umbrella with Will of NuVue Cinema!

All the things happening behind the scenes while an image is being made.. you’d never know. Thanks to Christine and Ali for always being on top of everything!

Coordinating a first look on a cold and wet fall day.

Once in a while I get to shoot with Jerry Garcia I mean John Teagan of NuVue Cinema.

Watch this one.. she likes the sauce..

All smiles..

If there is food, we’ll find it.

The Church lady at St Mary’s Ballston Spa. All I’ll say is if you’ve worked there you know her.

Happy New Year, fam!

and I’ll end with this one shot by Alice Corey. Not many people get to work with their parents but those of you who do know the feeling. Sometimes we want to rip each others heads off but at the end of the day I’ve gotten to do this since I was 11 years old with this guy. Wouldn’t change it for the world. Hope you all enjoyed my behind the scenes from 2016 now its time to start making memories from 2017.

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