best of: 2008 bride & groom’s part 1

At some point during every wedding we shoot we get these types of photos. They don’t really have a name or category but we like to think of them as kind of the iconic shot from the day, the shot that makes the cover of your book, the shot that just wows people! In a perfect world we we usually get these shots under optimum conditions we always watch the light throughout the day, some couples even plan their wedding around these photos, especially fall couples. A lot of time mother nature dictates when we’re going to shoot them, the bottom line is we always get them. It’s that little five to ten minute window of time when it’s just the couple, Big Joe & myself. As you can see in the following images every single couple is relaxed and not posed, their being themselves. It’s what our styles all about. These photos for me are the most important shots of the day, because after all a wedding is about the two people getting married. So with this best of series I decided to hold off on the voting, I just want you enjoy the images.

Oh yeah, last weeks best of was a tie! So instead of going extra innings or overtime both Jessica & Alan – The ice storm & Heather & Giuseppe – Off the hook will be receiving a $30 credit with us.

These will start in chronological order, it’s interesting to watch the weather get warmer.

Monika & Charles 

Ruth & Kevin

Vicki & John 

Daniella & David

Jen & Jay

Michelle & Avrum 

Beth & Michael

Kristy & Chris

Katie & Brian

Jennifer & Steve

Kaitlin & John

Alison & Mark

Heather & Giuseppe

Jessica & Shawn

Amy & Kevin

Lindsay & John

Amanda & Rod

Kate & Mark

Carolyn & Marios

Lori & Jimmy

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