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In todays best of post we collected a bunch of images from 2012 when brides interacted with their parents. Whether it be a first look between a bride and her father or that moment that happens just before a bride walks down the aisle with a parent you’ll find them in this post. Anyone who’s been to this blog knows how much I like these moments so thats why I dedicated a whole post to them. So sit back and enjoy this one.


This was back in April from Carolyn & Dan‘s wedding. Just before heading down the aisle. 

Kacie and dad on deck pre ceremony. 

Ashlee‘s grandfather walked her down the aisle. This was a very special image to them.

The “hand off” at  Christina & Dave‘s wedding. 

A series from Stacey & Matt‘s wedding. 

An image of Danaea and her father Dana to make your heart melt.

and again just before they walked down the aisle.

Christine and Dad take the long walk down the stairs at Glen Sanders.

Steve smiles as Colleen and Mom walk down the aisle 

Domenica‘s father, Mike gets his first look.

Doug and Edda

5 months earlier Doug and Sara

love this one..

Not every day you have former Governor George Pataki as father of the bride. This was from Emily & Mike‘s wedding back in June. 

The Governor walking, Emily down the aisle.

Gina and dad joked a bit before they walked down the aisle but in the bottom image it was real for Dad. 

Melissa and her two Dads on deck outside the church. 

Heather and her father Tony. 

Love Victoria‘s face here 🙂

Sweet moment at Elizabeth‘s wedding back in May.

At Saint Sophia’s for Jamie & David‘s wedding. 

A beautiful moment with Dad waiting for Kate at the Sagamore.

Dad gets to see Megan for the first time.

sealed with a kiss.

Jamie  takes deep breaths while walking down the aisle with Mom and Dad. Love this one!

Dad waits to walk Courtney down the aisle. 

Janelle and Jamesy!

Jennifer‘s fathers face says it all. 

Love this moment with Stefanie and Mom

Erica and Dad enjoy a laugh while they wait to walk down the aisle.

The light in this one from Laura & Joe‘s wedding gives me goosebumps. 

A cute exchange with Emily and Dad.

Jessica and Dad also enjoy a smile and perhaps a joke?

Dad helps Rachel with her gown.. 

I love Madeline looking at Dad before walking down the aisle.

a first look with Jessica  and Dad. Moms reaction was awesome!

 Lindsay and Dad, he’s gonna have to do this two more times (hopefully we’ll be there to capture it for you Mr K)

I love how Melissa‘s father is looking at her 🙂 

another first look. this time with Meredith and Dad. 

Nicole  and Mom. Mom’s so proud! 

Sarah‘s parents getting their first look.

Polina walks down the aisle with Mom and Dad. 

I love when theres laughter moments before the ceremony. This was from Rachael & Danny‘s wedding. 

Shannon‘s parents greet her at the bottom of the stairs. 

Later that day Dad walks her down the aisle.

Terri and Dad

and we’ll end with Meghan’s father giving her a kiss just moments before they walked down the aisle. 

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