best of groomsmen 2012

This one’s for the fellas.. Thats right, a blog post for the grooms out there and their boys that stand beside them on wedding day. We have a lot of fun capturing the groomsmen photos. Whether its your classic tux and bow tie or your skinny tie and suit this is where you’ll find the stylish dudes from our 2012 season. Keep it fresh fellas.


We’ll set it off with Aaron and his groomsmen. The bar at the Canfield Casino is so awesome, why not use it for this shot?

Egor and his fellas… in the entrance way of the church. This is a go to spot for me because the light is always right.

John with his boys in downtown Albany, before his wedding at The Desmond.

Jason and his groomsmen, switching it up with the triple black combo. What a fun bunch

Matt and his guys, again nicely done with the ties! A classic look for their Saratoga National wedding.

Curtis with his crew in Saratoga Springs, before he meets Meghan at the end of the aisle…

Clinton and his fellas looking sharp in their suits. I loved this charcoal grey look.

Joe with his guys, in church.

Chris smiling big with his groomsmen.

Wow! Lots of groomsmen in Domenica & Tony’s wedding party. Only 17 people in this image, no biggie.

 with his guys.. classic bow ties.

The green ties were awesome, from Carolyn & Dan’s spring wedding at Saratoga National.

Brian and his groomsmen, classic black & white image right here.

Steve plays pro basketball in Europe, only makes sense to do the groomsmen shot here!

Gotta love the tan suits that Rob chose for himself and his guys, a really different look and perfect vibe for their summer wedding!

Loving this vertical of Evan and his guys. Again bow ties.

The green pops in this image of Danny and his groomsmen. Loving the lens flare! Gotta love a small bridal party too!
Dave and the men, on the mean streets of Albany lol.

Cory and the boys. Cory purchased his tuxedo and tied his own bow tie.. Get your swag on fellas..

The outside of this church made a great backdrop for Chris and his groomsmen..

Mike with his boys, learning how to tie a bow tie.

Looks like they figured it out 😉

Setting the day off at the Batcheller Mansion Inn, before Emily & Michael’s Hall of Springs wedding. This dining room was such a cool spot for all these classy fellas.

Kyle and the boys outside the Inn at Erlowest. Another classic look. Kyle had one of the best first look reactions of 2012! (blog coming soon)

A billiards room, no better place to shoot Kevin & the fellas before he marries Kacie at the Canfield Casino. Again the charcoal suits is a sweet look.

Matt with his boys, right after his first look with Shannon. Classic Yaddo right here.

Mike and his guys were awesome to work with, they definitely know how to party!

Ryan and his guys inside the church on a cold February day.

Mike and his boys getting ready at Heather’s father’s house, before their amazing Saratoga National wedding.

Nicely done with the bow ties Joe. Perfect for a Canfield Casino wedding. Joe had one of the best fits on his tuxedo I’ve seen.

David and his groomsmen before he marries Jamie at St. Sophias.. I lost count of bow ties but its up there.

Matt and the fellas.. The little dude was the star of the show.

Tom and his guys in blue..

Dennis looking sharp with my fellas!! I love this shot.

Avram gave his boys custom bats wit their names on them. Nicely done with the socks too, what a fun trend from 2012.

Inside the church, Mike with his boys right before he sees Gina

Lukas with his groomsmen..

Chris with his boys at Saratoga National. Do the two little guys look familiar?

Matt and the fellas looking real sharp at Albany Country Club. I like the contrast of the charcoal for the groomsmen.

Jeff with his men looking all fancy, loved the patterned bow ties too.

And we’ll end with Mike and the groomsmen, so classic.

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