best of the bridesmaids

Hey ladies!!! This blog is a little tribute to the brides and bridesmaids from our 2012 season. If there was any ongoing theme in 2012 it was blue and purple. Wow those colors were hot. What will the hot color be in 2013? Any guesses?


Carolyn and her ladies rocking green! 

Lindsay‘s bridal party were all stunning. Love her sisters! 

We decided to shoot Jessica and her girls inside for a different look.. 

All Edda‘s girls were family I believe. How sweet?

It was too cold to pull Danaea and her girls outside. Plus the light was so sweet here.. 

Stephanie working it with 8 of her closest.. 

Another seriously fun crew of ladies at Sarah & Evan‘s wedding. 

This shot was easily my favorite from 2012.. Emily ‘s wedding is a must see. 

How cute is Kacie? Loved this smaller bridal party.

I remember loving how vibrant the green was in this location. Thats probably why Rachael & Danny picked a June date!

Some nice green tones in this one from Colleen & Steve‘s wedding. 

A few months later, same location only a little warmer in color (not temperature) for Christina & Dave‘s wedding.

Love my Siena girls! Erica  was so fun.. ps.. two future Elario brides on the left, when their men decide to put a ring on it (no pressure fellas) 

It was cold at Jennifer & Ryan‘s wedding but these ladies braved it with their gorgeous fleurs.. 

Must have been something I said to Heather  and her girls.. 

Lots of color in this one from Melissa & Cory‘s wedding!

Courtney‘s girls get the award for craziest bunch ever, especially homegirl all the way to the right 😉

We all know Laura‘s bridesmaids bouquets were a favorite. After all it did get a front page feature on Style Me Pretty

Love the blue here with Kate  and her girls

When it feels like 100 degrees outside we decided to keep Melissa  and company inside. Not a bad place to have to shoot!

Again a lot of color for Christine and her girls.

Victoria girls flowers screamed off those black dresses. Loved it!

Shannon and her ladies went with a nice monochromatic scheme here. So soft.. 

Janelle  is a fun girl no doubt which is why her ladies had to incorporate some fun props into their photos.. love this!

Nothing like the perfect October day for Jamie & David 

Jessica chose her sister Jamie and sister to be in her bridal party. Keeping it simple!

Gina‘s girls were a HANDFUL. Those downstate girls sure are something. Love the grey gowns! 

Seems like a lot of color against blue was a theme too. Rachel  and her girls wore it well. 

Love this color scheme for late fall at Madeline & Chris‘s wedding. 

I gotta tell you, those Fleurtacious Designs flowers sure photograph great, especially at Terri‘s wedding. 

Elizabeth  too chose Fleurtacious fore her amazing flowers! They just compliant bridesmaids wonderfully 🙂

Deep blues for Nicole‘s girls… it was pretty cold in this image.

Loved Stacey & Matt‘s whole wedding party! What a fun bunch!

Sara too went with all family… 

Shannon‘s ladies rocking some orange, fun color!

I like this one with the two bridesmaids on the left.. something different for Meghan

All white for Domenica and her ladies. A tribute to her Moms wedding back in the day. and I dont mean “back in the day” like ancient times, .. you know what I mean! 

Classic black for Meredith‘s ladies. 

more blue for Megan

It was most certainly a bundle up kinda day for Alison & Jeff .

Seems only fitting we end with blue! Loved Emily‘s girls dresses!

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