Beth & Sheel’s NYC Engagement Photos

When “Elizabeth” first emailed me and we setup the session I said “send me a friend request” little did I know at the time it was “Beth”. As in Lauren’s friend Beth. We have a mutual friend (hi Lauren) and back in the day in the nightlife scene Beth would often be around turning heads. Random I know but it really is a small freaking world right?

I’m so honored to have photographed their engagement session! Unfortunately we’re not open for their wedding which should be incredible one. Who thinks they should change their date??  I’m not kidding! Anyway, I’m so glad I got to capture these images for you guys. Good luck with the planning and keep smiling.


Meet Beth and Sheel..

Beth wanted those quintessential locations so we shot down at The Mall in Central Park.

Love the contrast of these two images side by side.

Nothing beets the Minton Tiles…

So there was an event being setup (to the left) which is why there was like no one in here. It looked closed which I think deterred people from coming in. It’s usually PACKED with people.


When Beth mentioned they wanted to shoot on their rooftop I didn’t think it would be this awesome!

Rooftop gardens, furniture, and a sick view…

Love this one..

We all obviously love the dress, the colors in it were amazing.

Two classics, haha. The Elario Configuration and the Empire State Building.

Working it..

Gorgeous girl, gorgeous ring.

Love these!!

Ok so I’ve been doing this shot often… I love it and I wanna call it the “bling it in” shot.

Really their rooftop had an amazing view!

So cute..

A silhouette, why not?

Love the image on the right to pieces..

What’s so funny?

and as always we’ll wrap it up with my token “bling shot”

and the turnaround… thanks again guys!!


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