A beautiful engagement shoot with Brittany & Dan

We set off the session at Burnt Hill’s high school which is where Brittany and Dan met and fell in love. This was the super cute portion of the shoot. We shot at the lockers where Dan would wait for Brittany in the mornings as well as a classroom and outside the school. Then we got our “grown up” on down the road at a friends farm. From the cowboy boots to red bottom shoes and incredible light this was no doubt a good one. I love all the images from this session! I couldn’t be happier Brittany and Dan chose me to capture them because they were not only easy to photograph but incredibly in love and just all around adorable. Thank you guys for having me!! Congrats again on the engagement!


Meet, Brittany and Dan..
How fun and totally mean girls movie scene is this?
So cute..
I love this one from the classroom session..
Im front of Brittany’s locker where Dan would wait for her every day..
The colors and outfits they chose worked so well here.
Love these two!
Outside now… working the Elario Configuration..
Oh watch out! It’s on now!
How beautiful is she?
Loving the cowboy boots..
bling it in..
Some of you probably recognize this spot.. What a day we had for shooting too!
The red bottom heels are out!
Easily my number one favorite image from the whole session..
The light here was pretty damn sweet!
a sexy b&w for ya..
Aaaaaaahh… the texture!
I love the tones of these images too..
watch out because Dan brings the swagger too..
 More yummy light..
Because everyone should twirl..
per request of Brittany.. I forgot about this one, it’s been years since I’ve done this shot..
Again, the tones and texture on this barn are amazing.. Love this one..
and I always end my engagement session with my token “bling shot” this is probably the funniest bling shot ever lol.
haha! the turnaround and I had no clue! I swore Dan liked me! 😉 Congrats again, you two! See you soon!!


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