Brooke and Mark’s Troy Engagement Photos

I think I’ve literately seen Brooke and Mark at more weddings in the last 3 seasons than I’ve seen the cupid shuffle. For real these two are professional wedding guests. Brooke, however, is dubbed by Hayden as the Elario Photo Booth Queen. Homegirl owns the photo booth! That all being said I cannot wait to capture these two tying the knot in September! There wedding is going to be a blast and it will be great to see all of our past bride and grooms (and hopefully more future ones) there!

We went back and forth trying to figure out the perfect location for this shoot when all the while it was right under our noses. Troy ended up being the spot for these two. The urban flavor and their good looks make this a great one for sure. Obviously it goes without saying that I enjoyed spending the evening with Brooke and Mark and love the images I came home with. I cant wait to do it all over again in 44 days. But who’s counting? Thanks for having me you two!! See ya soon!

Even though they’ve been in other blog posts I’d like to officially introduce, Brooke and Mark.
It set off quite nicely… I loved this wall..
Mark’s a stud huh? Sorry ladies…
This location is a throwback for me as I first shot there back in 2008… Love all the patterns.
I love the b&w, classic.
Whoever lives here I love what you’ve done with it. It used to be all black..
one of my favorites from the first set..
another fav..
Ah, classic Elario Configuration..
I LOVE these colors!!
she’s so cute.
obviously I love this one as I teased it on my facebook page.
bling it in girl..
lots of lines and patterns..
sometimes buildings that are unkept make great photos..
Don’t we get the prettiest people to take pics of?
The finale at the approach…
so fun.
ahhhhhh!! the light!!
Troy at sunset is really stunning.
and as always we wrap up with my token “bling shot”
hah. the turnaround! see you too soon!!!!!!!


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