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favorite 2014 wedding contest: the results

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A big congrats to Tiffany & Ryan for brining home the gold in the 2014 Favorite Wedding Contest! The votes were nonstop for these 3 couples. You might remember last year Lauren & Johnny took second place in the engagement shoot contest and in this contest they took second place as well. Also keeping in theme of finishing […]

Favorite Wedding 2014 Contest

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It’s time for another contest!! We want you to cast your vote for your favorite wedding from our 2014 season. This past year had so many amazing weddings so make sure you take a moment to look back at our beautiful 2014 wedding season. We’ve made it easy to look back by linking to each couples blog post.

fav engagement shoot 2014 contest: the results

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Congrats to Jamie & Dave!! Holy freaking cow! Of all the years I’ve done this contest I have never witnessed a race like this. It was back and forth, up and down and fun to watch! In the end Jamie & Dave collected 24.33% of the vote. They seriously never stopped promoting on social media. Congratulations […]

How’d I Miss That? 2013 Weddings

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It’s time for my annual “How’d I miss that?” blog post. I’ve been doing this blog post since 2010. It’s always a fun one because there are some images that should have been blogged in their original post but got cut do to long blog posts, redundancy or whatever. In this one it’s a little […]

Best of the First Look from 2013

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Time for another best of for you all. In this post it’s a bunch of “first looks” from our 2013 wedding season. Shooting first looks are pretty popular with our brides and grooms, if I had to guess it’s probably a 50/50 split. There are certainly benefits to doing a first look and if ever […]

Best of Getting Ready 2013

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It’s time for yet another “best of” from the 2013 wedding season! The “getting ready” part of the day is a blast to shoot for me. There’s nothing like showing up to a house or hotel room full of beautiful ladies hanging out with the music bumping and the mimosa’s flowing. I mean, this is […]

Best of the Bling 2013

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Today is the first of many “best of” 2013 posts we have ready for you all. In today’s post we’re looking at ring shots from the 2013 wedding season. Shooting the rings is always a bit of a challenge for me. While I love getting the shot I also dislike it at the same time. […]

Mona’s Top 17 (ish)

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Hello fellow blogstalkers! #1 fan Mona here to share my 4th annual list of favorites for 2013. For anyone newer to the blog, or if you are just nostalgic, check out my past lists for the 2010, 2011 and 2012 seasons. I’m thrilled to be continuing this little tradition we have, and although my comments […]