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Allison & Eric’s Saratoga Polo Wedding Photos

Allison & Eric's Saratoga Polo Wedding Photos
It's time for Allison & Eric's Saratoga Polo wedding photos! We set off the day at the Pavillon Grand with team KOWE (Katie O' Weddings & Events) and Make Me Fabulous. I just love shooting in this hotel for bridal prep. It is spacious, has great light and is just pretty. Future brides, check this place out! After Allison and her crew was dressed and ready we a[...]

Angela & Rob’s State Room Wedding Photos

Angela & Rob's State Room Wedding Photos
Today is the day for Angela & Rob's State Room wedding photos! You might recently remember these two so if you're saying to yourself, "weren't they just on the blog for their engagement session?" you are correct! I just LOVED photographing Angela and Rob, aside from being incredibly easy to capture they are such nice people. Thats why I believe they were blessed w[...]

Colleen & Carson’s Otesaga Wedding Photos

Colleen & Carson's Otesaga Wedding Photos
We're super excited to share Colleen & Carson's Otesaga wedding photos with you all today. We just LOVE Cooperstown. Whats not to love about this baseball town? Especially with a wedding with lots of baseball themed things happening. So take one Yankees fan (Colleen) and one Red Sox fan (Carson) and put these two in Cooperstown with a bunch of their closest friend[...]

Amy & Josh’s Avanti Mansion Wedding

Amy & Josh's Avanti Mansion Wedding
Last weekend we headed way west in NY to Buffalo for Amy & Josh's Avanti Mansion wedding photos! It was a raining when we got there and quite cold for May 31st too. That didn't stop us though. Thankfully the Avanti Mansion had some great spots inside and outside to dodge the rain drops and still take some awesome pics! Spending the day with Amy, Josh and their fam[...]

Anya & Steve’s 60 State Place Wedding

Anya & Steve’s 60 State Place Wedding
Man oh man I'm in love with these images! I just knew Anya & Steve's 60 State Place wedding photos would be off the chain, it had all the perfect ingredients. So if you're into a gorgeous couple, with a stunning bridal party, sweet details, a car ride in a drop top vintage Bentley, a French Bulldog and a bride & groom with infectious energy look no further and grab so[...]

Amanda & Bennett’s Sagamore Wedding Photos

Amanda & Bennett's Sagamore Wedding Photos
Talk about a PERFECT wedding day. That is what these two had. Lake George could not have been better for Amanda & Bennett's Sagamore wedding photos! There was not a cloud in the sky, no wind and the temperature was super comfortable. Lets just say the cliche "you lucked out today" had been used many times. ;) Having not met Amanda and Bennett until their wedding d[...]