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Ashley & Mike’s Hall of Springs Wedding Photos

Ashley & Mike's Hall of Springs Wedding Photos
Last Saturday was Ashley and Mike's big day at the Hall of Springs! Gosh was it a nice day too. Not bad at all for late September! We set off the day at the Gideon Putnam Hotel where all of our pre-ceremony photos took place. After that it was off to the Hall of Springs for their ceremony. Everything went perfectly flawless thanks to team Katie O'! It was great workin[...]

Jessica & Evan’s Fasig Tipton Wedding Photos

Jessica & Evan's Fasig Tipton Wedding Photos
And just like that we got to close out the last wedding ever (so they say) at Fasig Tipton! I have to say shooting weddings at this venue has been a treat. Plus if you get a nice day like Jessica and Evan did then you're golden!  There really is nothing better than dancing outdoors under the stars and exploring all the things this place has to offer. I'm sad to see it[...]

Caitlin & Victor’s Turning Stone Wedding Photos

Caitlin & Victor's Turning Stone Wedding Photos
Last week we headed west out toTurning Stone for Caitlin & Victor's wedding! It was that kind of day where rain seemed to be a threat most of the day although we managed to dodge the droplets for most of the day. We set the day off in Utica at Caitlin's parents home and church before heading downtown to the Union Train Station. I loved that spot too, there was so [...]

Kristie & Justin’s Bourne Mansion Wedding Photos

Kristie & Justin's Bourne Mansion Wedding Photos
It's time for a wedding at venue we have not worked at yet. These are always fun because working at a place for the first time means there are tons of new visuals we get to create. And boy did we have fun creating these beautiful images that I assure you there are no shortage of in this blog. We first met Kristie and Justin back in 2013 at Sarah and Eddies wedding. Ju[...]

Jamie & Dave’s Normanside Country Club Wedding Photos

Jamie & Dave's Normanside Country Club Wedding Photos
Full disclosure: This bride and groom are very close friends of mine so if my writing in this post is as little candid, real, funny, crude or confuses you then I did my job. Onto the post.... Can you believe Jamie and Dave are finally married? It seems like just yesterday we were all commenting on the multiple fake facebook posts of Jamie getting engaged by another[...]