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Mallory & Murray’s Hall of Springs Wedding Photos

Mallory & Murray's Hall of Springs Wedding Photos
My friends! As always I am excited to share my latest blog with you all but I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm really, really, really excited to share this blog with you all! Disclaimer. I always write my image comments before I compose the blog writeup. I have to say, I ran out of adjectives to describe the beauty and amazement in this post. I might sound like a skippi[...]

Danielle & Steve’s Glen Sanders Mansion Wedding Photos

Danielle & Steve's Glen Sanders Mansion Wedding Photos
Before we end our week here I have to share Danielle and Steve's AMAZING Glen Sanders Mansion wedding photos with you all. Sunday September 4th was perfection. From the moment we stepped into the bridal suite with the music bumping until deep into the party the energy never stopped. The love never stopped. These two have some amazing family and friends and they all ma[...]

Caitlin & Justin’s Glen Sanders Mansion Wedding Photos

Caitlin & Justin's Glen Sanders Mansion Wedding Photos
Can someone turn down the heat? Oh boy was last Saturday a scorcher! Without a doubt Caitlin and Justin get the award of hottest wedding day of 2016 so far. With that being said, they kept it mad cool and we captured some great images! Their church in Little Falls, NY was beautiful and was an amazing backdrop for their nuptials. After that we trekked back east landing[...]

Cait & Tyler’s 90 State Street Wedding Photos

Cait & Tyler's 90 State Street Wedding Photos
July 16th 2016 was a blast. We knew it was going to be though since this wasn't our first go round with the O'Callaghan clan!  I think Mark (FOB) paid extra for the weather too since it was perfect. You know how July days can be muggy and just uncomfortable? Well it was anything but that. We set off the day at the O'Callaghan home before heading to Schuyler Meadows fo[...]

Lisa & Mike’s Garrison Inn Wedding Photos

Lisa & Mike's Garrison Inn Wedding Photos
Hello friends!! I'm so pumped to share Lisa & Mike's Garrison Inn wedding photos with you all today. This was our first time shooting at this venue and we hope to be back again. Throughout the day there was a chance of rain but Todd at The Garrison made a call to Mother Nature and had it hold off until later into the day 😉 Lisa and Mike could not have been[...]