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Jamie & Dave’s Normanside Country Club Wedding Photos

Jamie & Dave's Normanside Country Club Wedding Photos
Full disclosure: This bride and groom are very close friends of mine so if my writing in this post is as little candid, real, funny, crude or confuses you then I did my job. Onto the post.... Can you believe Jamie and Dave are finally married? It seems like just yesterday we were all commenting on the multiple fake facebook posts of Jamie getting engaged by another[...]

Amanda & Dustin’s Troy Country Club Wedding Photos

Amanda & Dustin's Troy Country Club Wedding Photos
Friends, I don't know what to say about this one. Amanda & Dustin's Troy Country Club wedding photos are simply off the hook. Take one hot couple, a great venue, some wild weather, a killer band, plus one super cute dog, toss all that in pot and you have this amazing event. From the get go Dustin AKA Groomzilla (coined by Dustin's mom not me) knew what he wanted. [...]

Laura & Anthony’s Stratton Mountain Wedding Photos

Laura & Anthony's Stratton Mountain Wedding Photos
Wow wow wow wow! I love Vermont. For the second time this season the state of Vermont has served us an incredible backdrop to capture! Laura and Anthony's Stratton Mountain wedding photos are to die for. We had such a wonderful time on this one and can't thank their wedding planner Katie O' enough for making sure we were available to capture the wedding. Katie O', you[...]

Jaclyn & Tom’s Park Savoy Wedding Photos

Jaclyn & Tom's Park Savoy Wedding Photos
It's time for Jaclyn & Tom's wedding photos at The Park Savoy!! Wow! Wow! WOW! We loved capturing this one my friends. It's always great shooting at a new venue! I must say The Park Savoy does it right. There was no shortage of food, fun or beauty at this wedding. Working with Jaclyn & Tommy has been a blast too. I meet Jaclyn at her cousin Gina (& Mike's)[...]

Cassandra & Charles’ Lake Placid Lodge Wedding Photos

Cassandra & Charles' Lake Placid Lodge Wedding Photos
Do we have a great one to share with you all today or what? Cassandra & Charles' Lake Placid Lodge wedding photos are just amazing. I knew it would be though because their engagement session just this past February was as well. To say we all had a blast working with these two would be such an understatement. At this wedding I felt like I was part of their crew. Th[...]