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Alexandra & Vageli’s Kiernan Plaza Wedding Photos

Alexandra & Vageli's Kiernan Plaza Wedding Photos
Ok, I have a super fun, beautiful and awesome blog to share today. This event was just off the charts. Working with Alexandra and Vageli sure has been fun. Like it was a blast. Alex told me to have fun with the photos and do whatever I wanted. Not that I don't normally do this but I liked knowing I could step away from the obvious shots from time to time. As a result,[...]

Brittni & Cameron’s Hall of Springs Wedding Photos

Brittni & Cameron's Hall of Springs Wedding Photos
Today is a good day because I get to share Brittni & Cameron's Hall of Springs wedding photos with you all! This wedding was a stunner. All parts of the day were super photogenic including the bride and groom! We had a great time shooting alongside videographer Ben Pliss and of course working with the New York Players. Big thanks to Brittni and Cameron! You guys h[...]