Chris and Kristie’s 677 Prime Albany Wedding Photos

I know we’re all coming off of a long weekend and a wonderful holiday. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. This past Saturday we shot our second to last wedding of the season with Kristie and Chris! When their wedding planner Katie O’ came to me a couple months ago and said she had a great couple planning a wedding in just two months and asked if I was available I was beyond flattered. Little did I know this couple was even more awesome than she let on. I just love everything about these two! This was also our first wedding at 677 Prime’s new private space in downtown Albany. Can I just say that Kris Ann and her team at Fleurtacious Designs knocked this one out of the park? The room looked perfect and was such a great setting and vibe for Kristie and Chris. So without anymore chatter I am proud to present Chris and Kristie’s 677 Prime Albany Wedding Photos!


Chocolate Fountain: We Do Fondue

Their team, Ohio State representing!
A touch of beauty by True Grace.
Chris enjoying some 50,000 year old (something like that) Wild Turkey!
Getting ready with daughter Emily and Randi of Styled by Randi.
Mom watching their first look!
1st look!
Could the snow be any better?
Love it
It snowed like 4 days before this and all the snow stayed on the trees and foliage! That never happens.
Work it!
How cute are these two? We love Jessica and Julia!

Family photo including a photo of their son DJ, who was unable to share in the day as he is currently deployed in Africa with the U.S. Army.
Fleurtacious does it again!
Their backyard had some nice photo ops too!
and then he swept her off her feet without me asking! love this!
Meanwhile in downtown Albany!
We found a spot that we could add a little snow to.
Thanks to Mr. Katie O (Nate) for shaking a tree branch 😉
I love this!!
How happy are they??
and the sun came out!
Has downtown Albany ever looked better?
I especially loved the look of the Olde English Pub!
A reveal of their ceremony space by Fleurtacious Designs and Total Events!
A ceremony in the round… How about those chairs??
Amazing details.
Katie O’ surprised the bride and groom with this adorable board sketched and designed by Jenny C Design. And take note of the candle… more on that later in this post.
Tying the knot.
We love shooting intimate ceremonies like this.
Make it official!
Little Jack handing Mom the bouquet.
Custom drinks and cocktail napkins.
The amazing space..
Fleurtacious really outdid themselves on this one..
Chris’ favorite color..
How about that?
1st dance!
A nice welcome toast by Chris.
Dinner time!
DJ was able to Facetime them for a little bit.
Love this.
Piece of cake!
Remember I told you to make note of that candle? Well Katie O’ had a brilliant idea to have their ceremony space with all these candles burning and then the guests got to take them home as favors. When they burn them they will think of this wedding. Very cool.
Party people!
Photobooth fun!
and that’s a wrap! Congrats you two!!!!


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