Christina + Dave = Isabella

Something is in the air because there are an awful lot of babies popping up on this blog lately. Today’s little beauty is Isabella. She’s so adorable and what a head of hair too! You might all remember Christina and Dave from their wedding photos on the blog back in October of 2012. Anyway, I loved this shoot and will stop talking now so we can get to these images! Christina and Dave, thank you both so much for having me capture another chapter in your lives and congrats!


Last we left off with their wedding
Meet, Isabella…
who doesn’t love some baby feet?
Since Isabella’s families own just a few Dunkin’ Donuts we had to do this shot. I love it!!
Since she came right around Easter…..
Love from Daddy..
so tiny..
How cute is this?
the family..
How freaking cute? I mean come on!
Congrats you two!


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