Colleen’s Urban Belly Session

I’m sure you all remember Colleen and Steve. We’ve photographed and blogged their engagement shoot, wedding and most recently their pregnancy announcement. They are “Elario All Stars”. Soon you’ll be seeing baby Dags on the blog too but today I’d like to share their bump shoot I shot last week. Keeping in line with the e shoot and wedding we decided to shoot in downtown Albany to keep the consistency. I like to call this one an “urban belly session” (although I stole that term from my buddy Dale Benfield. I just could not think of a more appropriate title.). I love the way these turned out and want to again congratulate Colleen and Steve as they await the arrival of their little girl. You’ll have to check back for that blog at another time. Thanks again for having me capture this one, guys! I appreciate you having me along for the ride on all the big moments in your lives!


The moment they found out they were having a little girl.

Since then we now have a bump!
We shot Colleen and her bridesmaids near this fountain last year so we had to revisit.
Love the lighting in these. Look at the smile on Steve too.
yummy b&w’s..
I especially love these.
Again I really love the feel of these..
I think when shooting a bump session you have to show the tummy. It’s a beautiful thing.  I give all these ladies a lot of props for allowing me to share these images to the masses..
Colleen was saying “Baby Dags” was moving around a lot here. What can we say? She likes the camera.
one of my absolute favorites..
Great tones in these.
Our final look was at one of my favorite spots from both their e shoot and wedding..
Good contrast with the black dress… it’s like we planned for it 😉
and we’ll leave it as a “to be continued…” here.. cant wait to meet her!


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