domenica & tony: mallozzi’s

Its time for Domenica and Tonys’ blog!!!! Gosh this was a fun one too. SO MANY PEOPLE! Everywhere! It was hands down the largest wedding we’ve ever shot at Mallozzi’s with over 300 guests! I gotta tell you Mallozzi’s absolutely smoked that wedding too! The food is always amazing and boy was there a lot of it too. Another top dog on this one was The Christine A Wheat Special Events Firm, those girls sure know how to keep us all on time and in check! When Domenica and Tony hired us this was our last Saturday open in September. We could not be more happier to have spent it with them! Thank you guys so much for choosing us!! We wish you the best! Congrats!!


We’ll set it off with one of my favorites from their engagement session

Some details…

Domenica, getting Flawless by Tina

She’s a beautiful person, inside and out.

First look with her Father, Mike.

Then we headed to downtown Troy..

Her bouquet was: Flowers by Pesha

1st look!

Thats a whole lot of bridal party!

The fellas..

I loved this spot.. Troy is so beautiful..

The classic car, with a fall backdrop. You can’t go wrong with that!!

this spot..

kinda looks like this spot..

Ahhh! My facebook teaser image.. Love their shoes!

We had so much fun shooting in the streets of Troy with Casl Productions

So lucky we got all these shots in!! Why? Because it rained by the time we got in our cars and traveled to Mallozzi’s!

Domenica and Dad, on deck..

They had their ceremony in the round in the room upstairs.

Fun fact: Father Macky married Kris Ann and I.

Mr & Mrs..

We had to head outside for a minute..

because I needed to get my Elario Configuration shot!

and one more..

ok one more again.. haha

This was so cool. Every person had a picture as their seat assignment. I’ve never seen anything like this and thought it was the most unique thing ever!! I wonder how long that took!

It was so pretty in there!

First dance..


And like I said, if you didn’t eat enough, the food in the desert room was OFF THE HOOK!!! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did I mention they partied their butts off??

Such a fun night! Congrats you two!!

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