elaine & dale: franklin plaza

To say I’ve been bloggin my butt off would be an understatement right? This is your forth dose of blog this week! I’m also proud because this wraps up “blog-tober” once and for all. Aaah October 2010 will be a month to remember for sure. Honestly it felt like one big wedding that never stopped! Sounds fun right? Thats 10 weddings at 7 different venues in 30 days. It’s also 20 awesome people who untied together and a whole lot of filet mignon. So with that being said I wrap up the most popular wedding month every year with our last wedding of October featuring Elaine and Dale..

On my way to Franklin Inn & Suites I knew this was going to be a great one. I mean after all it’s Elaine Chi (& Dale too 😉 ) ! Elaine has been one of my most faithful blog stalkers aside from our obvious “Mona”. Back in January we met with Elaine and Dale and instantly hit it off. Since then she’s made sure to leave you all plenty of love on this blog. Aside from always seeing her name in the comment box you might remember them both from their awesome engagement session I shot and blogged this past August. Now that we’ve all been reintroduced let me get back to the day. We showed up at the hotel and everything was all good. Aside from the two Joe’s there were two Elaine’s or Alayne’s in the room. Thats right, Elaine was being made fabulous my Alayne of Make Me Fabulous. Try saying that 10 times real fast! Adding to their A-Team of vendors they had my man videographer Al Woodard and my wife Kris Ann of Fleurtacious Designs on board. I cant express how talented all the people Elaine and Dale chose are! They have good taste. Moving on we met Dale and his fellas over at one of my favorite spots in Troy. That also might have been the most colorful spot in all of Troy as well. Their first look was so awesome. Elaine’s emotions in the photos really say it all. We got incredible stuff at this spot! Then it was back to the Plaza where Alayne gave Elaine a fresh new look and then sent her down the aisle. I love all the ceremony images we captured too! The place cards were leaves hanging off a couple trees and were so cool. Big props to the talented Rebecca at The Pink Orange for this cool fall inspired concept, one of my favorites yet! After a top notch Franklin Plaza cocktail hour and a half with butler passed boneless buffalo chicken tenders (more please) everyone was ready to party! This was a great wedding to end the month of October with. Elaine and Dale, we love you guys and are so glad we got to capture your day. You’ve both been nothing but a pleasure! I wish you the very best in your years ahead as husband and wife. Just don’t use the “hubby” word and all will be well. Doesn’t it bug you when people use that word? LOL.. Anyway enough jabber from me, time for some photos!


A traditional wedding dress with a qua (on left) for the tea ceremony and the qipao for the rest of the evening. All were worn very well by the beautiful Elaine.

Gold is a symbol wealth and prosperity. To quote Elaine directly “Chinese people love their gold bling and red colors!” Red is a symbol of good luck and happiness.

She’s not even in her gown yet and she’s killing it..

Alayne got the red memo and showed up promoting happiness and good luck. She also made Elaine totally fabulous. I call this simply “Alayne & Elaine”

Ooh I like this one..

This one I don’t like, I LOVE!


All too easy to photograph. I thank them for making me look good!

Some Fleurtacious Designs for you.

This is another instant favorite.

I don’t know what to say.. she’s just that beautiful.

The men looking timeless in their rockin bow ties. I love bow ties.

First look!

This is one of my top 3 first look images of all time.


The color really was perfect.

I didn’t ask him to kiss her hand.. he’s that good..

Another fav..

A sweet configuration.

My facebook teaser… I love this one!

It was hard to take the color out of this image but it felt like a b&w to me.

This one also felt very b&w.. sweet!

I love this one of the second Elaine look..

What an AWESOME ceremony space.

Another proud father..

These was so much light behind them I embraced it for one shot.

Look at her looking at Dale..

A different spin on the Mr & Mrs shot..

incase you were looking for this one too.. Mr & Mrs..

Just another great moment with Dad..

Props to Rebecca at The Pink Orange

The Franklin Plaza ballroom.. almost 360 degrees! With an Elario Photo Booth too!

Some more Fleurtacious Designs

First dance..

Time for the tea ceremony..

Elaine in her qua. It’s all red silk complete with a dragon (aka groom) and phoenix (aka bride) embroidered on them. The phoenix and dragon represent the yin and yang of the bride and groom. The perfect balance. So now you know!

One final change for Elaine in her qipeo.. Love it..

Oh and one more.. the rings.. Thank you and good night!

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