Emily & David’s Saratoga National Wedding Photos

I’m more than happy to share Emily & David’s Saratoga National wedding photos with you all today! I just love this collection of images. Something about a rainy wedding makes the photos even more special to me. We had a blast out there in the rain with Christine Wheat,NuVue and of course, Emily and David. Thank you so much to the bride and groom for having us! Mazel!


October 22, 2016.

In the Pavilion Grand…

Amazing shoes..

Ladies suite, mens suite…

So pretty..

Christine Wheat making sure the fellas are all ready to rock.

When an iPhone will do instead of a mirror.

Our groom, David..

Love this one..

Both David and Emily’s sisters were maid of honors.

Loving her flowers from Renaissance Floral Design.

Here comes Dad.

Love Mom’s reaction.


Getting David ready for first look..

A nice gift from Emily.

Great size bridal party!

The beautiful bride.

love these b&w’s..

time for some umbrella shots!

so beautiful.

The fall colors were amazing on October 22!!

When you get brave and lose the umbrella for a few seconds..

I just can’t get over the color and texture in these..

One more.. off to Saratoga National we go!



Here comes the groom..

and here comes the bride..

love this one.

everyone watching along..

mazel tov!

might be one of my favs of the day. I love the motion in this.

Mr & Mrs..

on the end of cocktail hour there was a special surprise!

Party time!


so. much. fun.

Mom’s face tho…

David’s father clearly enjoying himself.

I love this image too, captures the essence of the room.

How’s that ring feel, David? Hi Grandma!


They had a killer band too!

Congrats to all!!


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