emma london at 2 weeks

Let me set this one off saying congrats to former JEP b&g Sarah and Rob on the birth of their second child Emma London. How freaking cool is her name? I love it . Anyway around Christmas time Rob contacted me wanting to purchase a newborn session for Sarah knowing that little miss Emma London was coming late June. A perfect stoking stuffer right? Well I had our designer/editor Jenny whip up a very holiday looking gift certificate for Rob. So for the second time in a year and a half I ventured down to their home in Hunter Mountain to photograph their second brand new baby. I’m thrilled with the images so I’ll stop rambling now. Enjoy these! Congrats to you guys! Thanks for having me, again.


August of 2007 Sarah & Rob tied the knot.

We did this shot in September of 2008 with William.

How handsome is this kid? He wasn’t feeling the camera too much though.

Here’s the star of the show! Emma London.

I have to say this is the most alert newborn I’ve ever photographed.

I love this one too.


Sarah and Rob have this great little natural light studio in their home, also known as Emma’s room. The pink wall and the natural light is just perfect. Oh by the way, doesn’t Sarah look fantastic for just having a baby?

These guys are like the most photogenic people.

Thought I’d tone down the pink and “man” it up for Rob’s shot.

Haha, I love this. What a beautiful little girl.

When I photograph a newborn I look for nice stuff like this. The texture and pattern is just great.

Just hanging around… chilling.

I see you!

There are so many vintage details in their home.

Sleep tight little Emma London.

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justin at 3 months