engagement session with julia & greg

Last Friday I caught up with a 2011 b&g of ours Julia and Greg. We wanted to capture what fall is all about with a little city flavor mixed in. I think we achieved our goal. I am just crazy about these images. The color, the couple, their style. I love it all. I love how Greg is kinda laid back and quiet an how Julia is like the total opposite always laughing and making Greg smile. Really people, I can’t wait for their August 20, 2011 wedding! I know these two will bring it big time. Anyway I had a total blast photographing and getting to know these guys. So let me shut up and slap some images into this post, click publish and head out for the weekend.


Meet Julia & Greg.. 


when I get good stuff like this from the beginning of a shoot I know we’re in for a good night..

The color in Washington Park was popping!

loving this one..

Per Julia’s request we hit the swings. She’s still a kid!

The color in this image is straight up silly.

Just relaxing on some pine needles. Thats all.

Oh the light…


I love this spot.

Dont think I wont make you dance at your engagement session.. cause I might.

such a beautiful b&w..

still dancing a little..

I think this is my #1 fav..

oh these too. I love them.

I love shooting in this spot. An Elario original location players..

Julia really is incredible to photograph. This isn’t even an up close shot and yet her eyes pull you in.

Looks like they’re living on the edge here huh?

Another fav..

A parking garage folks.. its not always sunshine, rainbows and kittens. I go for a simple location and let my couples carry the rest..

I knew Julia had a goofy face series in her. Greg just laughs at her..

Quite possibly one of my favorite “bling shots” to date.. check back next summer for their wedding!

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