Engagement Shoot Style Tips from Tiffany | Round 2!

Hey Guys!

Spring is finally here and engagement shoot season is right around the corner. I figured it would be great to have our former bride (and fashionista) Tiffany, back on the blog for more styling tips on e-shoots! We hope you find this helpful! Make sure you check out Tiffany’s blog too.


Hello awesome Elario readers!

I am back on the blog to talk style once again. While wedding attire may be some what simpler to coordinate solely based off traditions, I find it is difficult for people to put their finger on what is engagement shoot worthy. These after all, will become iconic shots of how your story of forever is told, so I can understand the pressure. I think the best way to give you some surefire tips is with a few visuals of those who got it oh-so-right in front of the Elario lens.

1. Brooke and Mark
You can never go wrong in the classics. Mark’s traditional button down shirt, with a breezy style of open neck and folded up cuffs gives a look that could be dressy, a casual feel. It balances nicely to Brooke’s modern take on the white top and the perfect pair of denim to highlight her legs-for-days 😉
2. Erica and Ed
The way to display “understated elegance” is to harp on the understated part of that equation. A dress with a simple contrast and a shirt in a sweet shade, up the romance factor in Erica and Ed’s sunset shot. Swoon.
3. Kendal and Zach
In the right light {which we know JP knows how to capture} certain fabrics come to life. The color chemistry between Kendal and Zach couldn’t be more gorgeous against this lush green setting. The added bonus is the dreamy feeling you get with her light weight dress nonchalantly floating like a cloud.
4. Lisa and Greg
Knowing your location can help you plan on the colors that will look best. Shooting in Central Park, I am not sure if Lisa and Greg were aware of how beautiful these supple shades would look in front of this garden-like scene but the result is picture perfect.
5. Beth and Sheel
This couple’s adorable flirty-ness channels all the way through to the watercolor action going on between both of their ensembles. What I love even more is the playful, yet sultry feeling of a shoeless Beth that gives off a sweet simplicity amongst the luxurious setting.
6. Kat and Dan
Braving the elements never looked so good! These beautiful blues and that shock of aqua between Dan’s shirt and Kat’s necklace are the perfect amount of coordinating without being overkill. Gorgeous smiles are an excellent substitution when there’s a lack of sunshine.
7. Lauren and Neil
There are few photos that things line up so incredibly perfectly for {and I am not just saying that because this is family!} Neil and Lauren kept there looks clean and simple. Lauren’s dress proves that although there aren’t a lot of bells and whistles design wise, less is surely more. With all the excitement in the background their tailored looks make it easy to find the focal point here.
8. Megan and Doug
Oh, hello natural beauty! I am referring to the couple and the location. Clearly a unique or attractive spot enhances the story of your photos as we have been seeing. Megan and Dave pare things down, all the way to their bare feet and it totally works. Keeping extras to a minimum highlights all the organic details.
9. Ashleigh and Dave
In the colder months it can be a challenge to deliver the chicness with lots of layers but Ashleigh and Dave show thats no problem. Again we see there are few things better than a solid dress that fits your body type. Dave really is serving the style with the added layer of the sweater, take that low temperatures.
10. Leanne and Cameron
In urban surroundings, suit and tie style with a little black dress is a timeless one two punch. Of course I have to applaud that peek into Leanne’s personality by way of those click your heels three times sparklers. They are the perfect touch of individuality.
11. Megan and Mina
Texture is a subtle way to create interest. With fabrics such as eyelet and lace it will enhance the sentimental ambiance like this image of Megan and Mina. Also, I love a good button down on the guys, but Mina’s perfect fit V-neck shirt is bringing a serious freshness to tried and true denim.
12. Rhiannon and Vinny
Can we give it up for Mother Nature? There is a hint of a fall palette in Rhiannon’s outfit {well played} but her man’s look evens things out nicely. This contrast works like magic when they are against the gorgeous bevy of leaves. {and props to Vinny’s cowl neck sweater with the elbow patches, that is some cold-weather sophistication right there!}
13. Gail and Lou
True these are not Gail and Lou’s engagement photos but they are certainly showing they’ve “still got it” both in love and in style! The colors are so vibrant you can’t help but smile at this picture and the pattern play is on an expert level. I am impressed. A bit of plaid or peppy polka-dots add an energy that can’t be denied.

Did you even remember you were getting style pointers after viewing all that beautiful inspiration? Capturing your engagement is the beginning of a can’t-be-matched exciting time in your life. So, {don’t obsess} but take the time to make it worthwhile. Soak it up and remember the reason the two of you are doing this. These are the first pages in your tale, the exquisite start of forever.


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