Erica & Ed’s Saratoga Engagement Photos

I say “it didn’t rain” because the night before we shot these the forecast was calling for rain 50% chance. Now we all know 2013 isn’t the year to roll the dice with the weather. Being the cautious guy I am I decided to postpone the shoot to their rain date (the following night) and wouldn’t you know it didn’t rain after all? Go figure. Either way I got the shoot done! We set it off on the Spa grounds and in that area before heading into downtown Saratoga Springs! Erica and Ed are so much fun, they smile a lot and are all around awesome people. I’m excited to be part of their wedding day next July so make sure you check back!

Thanks again you two! I’m glad the weather worked out after all and we were able to capture these photos. Oh and thanks for the Brooklyn Summer Ale (my favorite). See you soon.


Meet Erica and Ed (or Eddie)
Did I mention it was hot? July baby!!
so cute.
A great pairing…
So when we walked up to this spot Erica immediately sat right down on the ground as if she knew where I was going with it too funny. Study the blog much ?;)
bling it in..
Saratoga’s tall pines are the best.
Have I ever mentioned how I love split rail fences?
OOOoooooOOOhhhh! This is what I’ve been waiting for all season!!
Working the Elario Configuration.
Do they look like they’re sitting on prickers cause they were lol.
Erica had seen an e shoot I did at this spot and requested we stop by. I love it.
Love how these two images compliment each other.
The blue door… the last time I shot here was 2008 but I always loved it and decided I had to do it again.
I love her dress against it… I’m a sucker for color!
So awesome. Another location Erica scouted out. She’s good huh?
How can you not smile with these two?
Lines all over!
and as we always end all Elario e shoots here is my token “bling shot”…
and the the goofy faced “turnaround”.. thanks again you two!!


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