favorite 2011 wedding (first half).. again

Ok.. lets try this again. I had to stop this originally because there was a flaw in my voting system. Lets just say when someone gets over 100 votes in 15 minutes it raises eyebrows around here. This is a fun contest and shouldn’t be scandalous. I’ll leave it at that.

When I ask you to vote for your favorite wedding I mean overall favorite. I want you to look back or remember each wedding from the images below. We’re not just voting for one image but really the whole blog post. There are a total of 22 weddings below and we want to see what was your favorite! Because I’m just crazy about this product the winner will get a Luxe Frame with the winning image inside from my friends at Millers Lab. Lets give this another go and see if we can get a winner!

At the bottom of this post you’ll see the names to vote for. This time I made the results private so voters are not influenced by others. I think this should make it fair. 😉


Voting ends Wednesday January 17th at 8am.

Pam and Adam

Sara and Joe

Meaghan and Rob

Jamie and Chris

Melanie and Chris

Marie and Steve

Marie and Chris

Jenny and Eddie

Lindsay and Anthony

Kristina and Matt

Stephanie and Ted

Naomi and Joe

Tina and Jon

Abi and Brad

Tiffany and George

Rachel and Ryan

Melissa and Dave

Nicole and Nick

Sarah and Al

Julia and Greg

Billie Jo and Sean

Laura and Trey

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