giovanni’s back!

I’m pretty sure you all remember this baby from his debut on the blog back in July. He’s just the cutest little dude! I’m so stoked Stacy and Dave asked me to photograph him again.  Its amazing how big he’s gotten too. Anyway, with it being fall and all we decided to run with that theme and  head to an apple orchard. The colors are always great this time of year and having props such as apples and pumpkins never hurt. Thank you to Stacey and Dave for having capture your little G-g-g-g-g G UNIT again! See you soon I’m sure!


When these are the first couple frames you snap you know it’s going to be a good one.

Nice kicks dude!

The fam!

I liked this one of Mom and Giovanni..

She gets prettier every year.. Please someone cut her bangs though so she can see!

ah the colors..

I like this one.. how you like them apples?

How cute?

No sorry this little pumpkins not for sale ;)… see you soon!

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