hayden’s photo booth picks!

Hi everyone!!! For those of you who don’t know me I’m the new addition to the Elario family business.  You may recognize me from the blog as the photo booth girl, but recently the girl who is posing for “wind shots” and making silly faces.  That isn’t what I do all day! I am busy carrying impressive amounts of equipment keeping the Elarios hydrated and even third shooting (It is such an honor to work with true professionals)!!!

This is MY blog post (thanks Joe!!!) featuring the best of the best from the photo booth 2011 wedding season.  Thank you to all the couples who had the photo booth at their wedding. I had an amazing time taking fun pics of you and your friends and family!

These are my handpicked favorites, in no particular order.

My first photo booth of the year was kicked off at Franklin plaza with Meaghan and Rob! Meaghan is totally bringing it in this pic!

I got to know Mel and Chris really well in 2011! I love these two! Even though I picked a classic bride and groom shot don’t let them fool ya these two are fuuuuuun!

We will be seeing this couple again!

This couple had this amazing energy! They were definitely doin it!

The Elario’s own Jenny and her man Eddie had a beautiful wedding at Canfield Casino where every detail was designed by Jenny herself! Check out her website!

The girls of Elario Photography finally got a pic together! We work on opposite sides of the E spectrum!

Joe or “Jp” got in the booth and busted a move with Kristina and Matt!

I love this shot of Stephanie and Ted. Their photo booth pics are full of priceless moments from their May wedding.

This couple finally confessed to Jp they’re blogs talkers. You can check out Giovanni’s post here!

These ladies were so wild! They were together all night having the best time!!!

This picture is so sweet! Abi and Brads wedding was unforgettable! Christine Wheat was just showing off her skills for sure this day!

I had to kiss this grandma because she was beyond precious!!!

I loved Melissa and Dave’s wedding!!! Great music pumping all night!

The remote is a fun prop! Whenever anyone asks me what my remote is, my go to joke is that it’s my cell phone!

Nicole and Nicks wedding was full of familiar faces from the year!

A really fun group of people that know how to partay!! Btw Nicole, your father daughter dance was unforgettable. I was in tears!!!!

Naomi and Joe had a beautiful wedding and kept the booth busy all night with fun pics!

Granny even got in the booth for some pics, and this one is just priceless!

Melissa and Andrew’s Canfield Casino wedding was full of moments like this!

My girl Brooke, knows everyone, and she’s an awesome wedding guest!

Love this pic of Amanda and Kevin! It shows their personalities!!!

This best man was in the booth all night posing with everyone and everything!

Jessica and Jason’s beautiful Sagamore wedding was picture perfect thanks to Christine Wheat wedding planner extraordinaire!

I love this shot of Jess with her friends! This wedding rocked the photo booth.

This couple took some of the BEST photo booth pics of the year!

I had the pleasure of spending the whole day with Isabel and Dave, I just loved their wedding!!! This pic is so sweet!

Joe or “JP” is a goofy too!!!!! HAHA!

The bubble!!! I die!!! ( a little something I picked up from Amanda’s family)

A FUN pic of a FUN bride and groom! Amanda and Shane had an unforgettable wedding!!!

Phenny’s wedding was THE BOMB! Not only did they *sparkle* thanks to Katie O’, but Phenny is a force!

This picture just makes me burst out laughing! No matter what these two did the birds wouldn’t move!!!

Even though I wasn’t there, my friend Chris filled in for me and wow did I miss a good time! Katelynn and Wallen this pic is fierce!

WHAT?! look at that backbend!

JP actually called after this wedding to tell me how much I would’ve looooved it! Natalia and Carlos, your photo booth

pics are amazing! Every pic looks like the best time, I can even hear the music in this one!

Love that everyone in this pic is doin it in their own way!

The girls were the stars of the booth this wedding! Love the masks and this pic!

A sweet pic of Tanya and Dylan, they were such a fun couple to be around!

I have a special place for Carley and Robert because these two were UNBELIEVABLE. Nothing stood in their way of

getting beautiful photos and and the same time always finding time for moments like this.

Pretty fish faces!

Marisa and Chris’ wedding was a PARTY!!!

This couple had everyone’s attention they were dancing circles around everyone!

I ended my 2011 pb season with Chelsea and Shawn.  It was a dance party all night, they did take a break to come sit with us and chill for a bit.

To the FABULOUS 2012 Elario couples and guests:

If you see a flight attendant  smiling and saying “amaaaaazing, WOW, and you’re DOIN IT!”” it’s me! Jump in the booth and lets have some fun!

I’m looking forward to another year of funny, crazy, and priceless moments preserved forever in the booth!

JP here.. Sorry Hayden, I couldn’t resist sharing this one.. This is why we all love having you around..

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