how’d i miss that? 2010 style

As we all know, when I blog I tend to blog a lot of images. Sometimes I want to blog more or there are images that I missed. You know, images that should have made the blog but didn’t at the time for whatever reason. I did this last year and it was a fun blog post. Since we had a lot of awesome images happening in 2010 I knew this would be a long post! So sit back and relax.


So many good moments at Anjella & Sarmad’s wedding.. I love the laughter in this image.

I always love moments like this with brides and their fathers…

Jamel was getting down like it was no ones bizzznazz

The famous “Mona” and yours truly at her brothers wedding..

After the firework spectacular Peter and Connie stoled the show and tore it up on the stage..

At Danielle and Neal’s wedding.. this concertgoer insisted Neal do a celebratory shot with him. Really, this guy would not take no for an answer.

This fall I was lucky enough to photograph the Dave Matthews Band.. This was a blog post that got crazy attention.

Sofia was done with me at this point of the shoot…

Another little gem from Edda and Mikes engagement session..

The corn was a big hit at Elaine & Dales summer engagement session..

Elaine and Dale: Oct 30, 2010… Dale asked for a pic with skelly..

Now something a little more colorful and lively!

Loving this color pallet at Elisabeth (with an S) and Jon’s engagement session..

Months later… up in Lake George.

Elizabeth (with a Z) and Adam’s Brooklyn Bride Engagement session was so much fun! I love this lens flare

Weeks later at their wedding.. The ladies thought they’d be funny..

Emily was just too easy to photograph…

I don’t often post cake shots.. But this one I like. I like it because the caterer brought the cake out to the center of the floor.. Tip for Casino b&g’s. This looks good!

On cloud nine! Just getting engaged and I was there to capture it all..

How cute is this little man?

Just in time for baseball season.. Hope he’s a Yankee fan!

Jamie and Chris.. will tie the knot in 5 short weeks from now.

No shortage of good images at Jamie and Eamon’s wedding. I really love this one. So classic.

Just a simple b&w I happen to like from Jessica & Jason’s e shoot.. getting married 9/10/11

Jessica’s so carefree and relaxed.. what a fun subject.

She even made Jeff throw leaves at their wedding..

Jessica and Phil… I LOVE this image.

Jessica and her ladies.. a lot of ladies..

I photographed the famous wedding coordinator Christine Wheat for some updated head shots..

Julia and Greg.. this was on of my favorite engagement sessions of 2010.. they’ll tie the knot on Aug 20 this year. Stay tuned..


I don’t know why this didn’t make the blog from Kara & Paul’s wedding. Can you tell it was like 90 degrees?

Kara.. so many nice shots of her..

Kate and her girls.. killing it for the camera.

I’m on a boat! Look at Kate’s sister standing.. what a nut. No thank you!

Fact: Kate and Alex’s friends call them Barbi & Ken lol.. no really though I love this image.

I’ve show the famous rain shot so many times I thought I’d pull one slightly different and in b&w..

Months later these two got married.. I like the sky.

Such a sweet b&w from Sean and Kerstin’s wedding..

Who could forget Kristen and her boots… oh and Dan too.

Kristin and her girls were so much fun up in Lake Placid this summer..

Can we say awesome eyes? All around.. Kristina & Matt will tie the knot on 5/27/11

Lauren and Chris… Emma Willard is an awesome place to shoot.

Lauren.. so fun. What a beauty..

Every year I shoot a Christmas card for this family.. here is the front..

The inside.. 14 grandkids and counting..

Another color pallet to die for.. Maggie and Joe.

Months later at their wedding..

Marie and Chris.. 5/7/11…

Melanie & Chris’ airplanes session.. a fav of mine.. April 15, 2011

Melissa & Andrews Saratoga Race Track session got crazy attention. To wed 9/9/11

Just a beautiful portrait of these two.. 7/23/11

Natalie and Ryan.. and the blue light.

I shot the New York Players this summer..

Bonus points if you can tell me who’s wedding this guy was at..

A gem from Sheila and Aaron’s first look.. I love the girls watching on.

A pretty scene from a NYC engagement session with Suzanne & Brian.. 9/16/11

TIffany might say “this shot is coconuts” 6/25/11 I’m hearing rumors this wedding is going to be off the chain.

This Tiffany was always ready for the camera. So fun.

Mark was always posing and ready as well.. I love Tracey’s expression..

And well end with Val and Eric running for a warm spot..

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