how’d i miss that? 2012 weddings

Welcome to my 4th annual “How’d I miss that?” blog post. In todays post its weddings only. I will be sharing an engagement one too! Anyway, to put it plain and simple this is a bunch of images that I missed that should have been blogged. They either just didn’t make the cut the first time around or the blog might have been too long but really a lot are just images I missed. This is a long one so sit back and enjoy it.


Alison and Jeff’s little dog, Timmy had the best damn smile!

A sweet ceremony arrangement by the super talented Fleurtacious Designs.

A cute moment from Carolyn & Dan‘s April wedding.

Ashlee getting her fabulous on.

Ah the first signs of fall…

I blogged a similar image of the guys only in b&w.. I like this one in color though.

Making an exit.

Classic downtown Albany..

Homegirl was nuts and roaring to party.

All eyes on Christine..

I loved all the images of these two against the white wall. So simple, clean and super fun.

7 beautiful ladies…

ah i loved all the backlit lens flare stuff from this wedding..

Colleen and Tina having a laugh.

later that day..

Since I put Tina in its only fair to include her brother,  Vinny

Nice detail..


I took this image of Sara and her Grandmother in May…

4 months later a similar moment with Edda and Grandma… roughly a month later Grandma passed. 🙁 she hung on for both her granddaughters weddings. What a sweet woman.

Sara & Joe enjoying the late sunlight…

Edda was doing all the driving.

Another lovely moment in the field..

Some days are just incredible!

an almost kiss for Shannon & Avram


Walking into the race course.

The bridesmaids behaving on the dirt track.. the fellas were behind us getting into some trouble 😉

Stephanie was smiling like this all day.

Especially when Rob was around.

I love this b&w!

July sunsets anyone?

A detail of a groom portrait.

Matt‘s groomsmen we’re so excited to do their “secret service” photo..

A must shoot at spot at Albany Country Club!

Goofy bridesmaids..

What a fun moment with these guys..

Emily & Mike had the best spot for the pre-ceremony photos.


Whats so funny?

Gina was really fun..

I love when brides can goof it up!

Tappan Hill Mansion at its best!

Elizabeth and Mom..

At every wedding there is “that groomsmen” he’s always full of great ideas.

Taking a  little break.

Enjoying their reception space.

Just a stunning picture of, Heather.

Ah!!! This is why I pull couples away from their salads.

I love this b&w of Jamie & Jim..

Tracie was a really fun bridesmaid. That is all.



Rain is great though because the ground is so much more interesting wet.

Nicole & Chris, cute moment.

The colors in this are bananas.

Cute little interaction with Jessica & Clinton..

Every once in a while I bust out the good ol tilt shift lens.

David. This cat knew how to work it.

Caption that: “WOOOOOOOOOO!”

Beautiful light, beautiful couple.

more nice light with Polina & Tony

Kris Ann was not only Janelle‘s maid of honor but her go to florist too. She’s making sure there is a perfect amount of bling in Janelle’s bouquet.

just another one from this series I loved.

They’re married!

This is what a couple does when their florist reveals their amazing room to them.

Thats what they saw..

That car was sick!

A nice guys portrait in the Canfield Casino bar.

The color!!!

I love the way Jessica‘s maid of honor is looking at her.

Ah the boat images!

A super favorite of mine from their first dance.

what a perfect evening!

The beautiful, Lindsay..

A nice little detail of Lindsay and Chris’ wedding.

little Kate, she’s so sweet.

Kyle too, he has an awesome personality as you can see..

Fun shots from their sunset ceremony at The Sagamore.

I dont know how I missed this one from Melissa & Cory‘s wedding. There was no shortage of amazing moments that day.

Welcome to the Hall of Springs!

This image makes it look there almost wasn’t a concert with almost 30 thousand people happening behind them.

Coolest bouquets ever!

Love the tones of green in this one.

Enjoying a moment outside on a beautiful May evening.

A little colder now in November.

What a sky!

Funny to think it rained while they were inside tying the knot.

Love the wall!

Patrick saying “WHO’S READY TO PARTY TONIGHT?!?!?!”

Loving all the soft colors in this image.

Matt, a man on a mission to marry his girl..

party time!

This one makes me laugh.

Matt bought all his groomsmen these kick ass cufflinks.. all but the Red Sox ones that is.

Ladies and gentlemen, that man in the middle, Peter Gannon. Nuff said.

What a sweetie, Rachael.

Troy looking good!

The boys!

Sarah & Evan, chillin, relaxin…

and we’ll end with this one…

next one

party time 2012!