how’d i miss that? engagement shoots 2012

I just love these “how’d I miss that” posts! It gives me a chance to go back and look at all these images again. Its like having a new set of eyes on these couples shoots all over again. Like my previous post, this one is all engagement session stuff from 2012 that I might have missed and didn’t blog the first time around. Hope you all enjoy this one!


We’ll  set it off with Alex and Geoff’s Lake George engagement shoot! If this image doesn’t make you miss summer time I don’t know what will!

How could we forget these two good sports jumped in the lake? I wonder if they’ll do it on wedding day?

Domenica and Tony, nice light.

In Central Park with Erica and Mike…

Later that night in Lincoln Center. I love this b&w!!

Ashleigh and Dave had one of my most colorful fall sessions..

The Historic Barns of Nipmoose is an amazing location!!

I think this was the hottest day of the whole summer..

I love the red and blue!

What a prefect spring engagement session with Christine and Tom.

This location was so cool.

Looking forward to getting these two back in front of the lens…

Insert b&w photo of hot couple here:

This engagement session takes the cake for best fall color. Amazing!

Plus they have a french bulldog (Lucy).

I seriously could have photographed at this place all day.

Oh and I had to include Natalie! She’s demonstrating where we should put Lucy.

The country is just a perfect canvas for anyone!

Not sure what exactly this field was but it was awesome.

Speaking of awesome locations…

This was like my 3rd shot into Kate and Kyle’s New York City engagement session.. I knew it was going to be off the chain.

The library never looked so good.

I chose this image because dude in white hat is clearly checking Kate out! Busted!!

A sweet b&w from Meredith and John’s e shoot.

I love laughing with couples..

Holy sexy light..


Nipmoose in January 2012..

Winter light is really stunning.

At one point of this engagement session I thought we were going to have to postpone it because it rained. See their blog for more.

Classic Albany, classic b&w.

Whats not to love about this couple? We wondered into this home during their engagement session.

and our last stop was the approach in Troy.

The color here is really really sweet.

another fav. this shoot had a ton!

it was a cloudy day for the most part and it even sprinkled lightly but for a split second the sun tried to sneak out.

then we retired to the cemetery. If you’re new to the blog I encourage you to read their post and see why we went there.

it just finished raining..

later that evening we went into downtown Saratoga.

My favorite spot in downtown Albany. Love the view here.

This couple is amazing to photograph. They just jive so perfectly.

I think this image on the left needs to be hung in my office.

So beautiful.

Their colors against the doors are killer!

Acknowledging Albany’s Dutch side.

aaaahhh too much sun. quick, make a run to the woods.

Love the color palette

Wow… I put this is engagement session in my top 3 of all time. It was so unique and colorful!!

Lauren, looking pretty hot here 🙂

Again, it was just amazing!

This couple is so cute.

Working it in Downtown Albany.

The light really gets sweet up here.

A nice little spot in the Lake George village.

work it!

Shoot into the light, why not?

another sweet b&w..

Bryant Park, NYC

“She’s got legs!” Haha.. sorry I had to. This is where Eddie proposed to Sara.

I dont know how I missed this image but I absolutely love it.

and we’ll end with this one..

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