Isabella Turns One!

This spring the blog is full of cuties! Today’s cutie is, Isabella! You might remember her debut on the blog in the Dunkin’ Donuts box last year. Since then, she’s gotten cuter by the day! I have to say Isabella gets the award for the best behaved and happiest 1 year old ever. This shoot was too easy. As all shoots are with Simply Scout Designs, this one was styled beautifully! I want to thank Christina and Dave for having me capture another life event for them! Happy Birthday Isabella!


When these are the first images you take at a shoot you know it’s going to be amazing!
Love it!
Remember this?
She still fits in there… sort of 😉
haha so cute!
like could she be any happier?
The fam!
I love those spring colors!
haha! “what you want?”
and a turnaround 🙂


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