it’s party time

Wedding receptions are super fun! They just don’t get an awful lot of play on my blog. I thought I’d put together a little compilation of party shots from 2010 weddings. Here are just a bunch of shots of people having a blast. Before we look at the images though here is one piece of advice to the upcoming weddings. If you’re the bride and groom you need to be out there on the dance floor. Seriously peeps this is when we get our best party shots. The bride and groom are like magnets and people want to be around them all night. Don’t worry about working tables all night long, partake in your cocktail hour and make sure you see as many people as you can then. The younger people wont be offended if you don’t hit their table up. Shoot, they probably aren’t even at their table. Chances are they’re all dancing or at the bar because they’re party animals! LOL.. In all seriousness that 4-5 hours will fly by and before you know it there’s 10 minutes left and the band or dj is saying the here is the last dance everyone. So I say live it up! After all it’s YOUR party!


I love at weddings when people get the invisible jump rope out. Alicia and Frank had one of the best parties of 2010. Packed floor all night.

From the looks of this I’d say hip hop is playing.. right?

Oh yeah!

This either happens when Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing is played or Sweet Caroline.

I do love when grandma gets out there and busts a move.

Jersey Shore fist pump anyone?

Mona busting a move at her brothers wedding.

Deah & Chris’ wedding reception was another off the chain one from last year. People were just buggin all night long.

If you come up to me at a wedding and tell me you’re a “blog stalker” you’ll get a pin and then I’ll take your picture!

I’ve been to many weddings with this man right here. He happened to be at Elisabeth and Jon’s wedding and he’s always a fun time and full of photo ops.

If you’re going to take your tie off at a wedding reception you best have a good reason. Time to limbo! Jamie and Eamon’s wedding reception was banana’s like this.

Count the blog stalker pins.. I ran out at Jessica & Jeff’s wedding.

Yes! Joely and Dave’s wedding… What a party!

Aye! Saturday Night Fever called….

Don’t even know whats happening here.

What goes up..

must come down.

Kara & Paul.. haha Paul was preforming for the garter removal.

I love this one of Kara and Mike.. she was in full party like a rockstar mode here.

Kate and Alex aka Barbi and Ken had one hell of a party.

Whats up playa!

Oh this wasn’t a setup at all. Kate’s sister Sara happened to be in just the right spot to catch the bouquet. She did a great job acting surprised huh? Sara, just make sure you call me when it’s your turn 😉

At Keather and Brads wedding there were a lot of circles happening.

“I got it!”

Who could forget the monkey at this one?

While we’re on furry oversized creatures. Kristin and Adam had a sea otter I think. What will turn up in 2011?

I just love this b&w from Lauren and Chris’ wedding. All those lanterns are great.

I think Joe’s dancing embarrassed Maggie a little..

Matt was straight up crazy. All day this groom had us laughing and later at the party he brought it hard.

He also jumped rope.

Derek needed to rest a second after his performance out on the floor. See the JP cameo? LOL..

Get down girl go head get down.

I just laugh at this one. Melissa and Jerome had a fun party.

They were in their own little world getting down on the floo .. yes the floo

This little fake cat was a huge hit. It’s funny because it looks all scared.

When I look at this image I wonder exactly what the song was. Whatever it was these ladies were all about it.


Was it something I said?

I think they were cheerleaders or something. Give me an E give me an L…

FACT: Michael Jackson seems to channel himself to one courageous guest at almost every wedding.

Hey! I see you too!


Carlos and his moves. What a fun groom.

Tiffany was such a poser and loved the camera.

Her and Jonathan just danced all night long. I loved that.

And thats a wrap peeps! Hope you enjoyed and learned some moves!

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