Jackson turns one!

Little Jackson has turned 1 and we all met up last week to capture that! You might remember this little guy from his newborn shoot I blogged a year ago. You also might remember Vicki and Jason from their wedding back in July of 2012. We decided we’d head back to that location for the shoot and what a perfect evening we got! So without anymore chatter I’d like to share Jackson’s 1 year old photos! Happy Birthday little fella!


Setting off the shoot with smiles is always a good thing!
That’s a sweet ride you got there, Jackson!
hahaha. I love this one. That face!
and he’s walking too..
bubbles are always fun.
Remember this?
2 years later..
Rocking the sweet gingham tie!
Time to get that cake!!
It was so funny while he was eating he kept saying “mmmmm” lol.
and when you reach for the lens with cake hands it officially means its time to wrap it up! I’m kidding. Thanks again Vicki and Jason!!


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