Jaimie & Nate’s Engagement Photos

It’s time for Jaimie and Nate’s engagement photos. Talk about wind! My goodness this might have been the one of the windiest days I’ve even shot an engagement session on. But even with all that wind and Nate’s hair being all over the place 😉 these two crushed it. We shot at Nate’s fathers amazing home on Ballston Lake. It’s the kind of place you wanna check into on a Friday and just unwind for the weekend. A perfect place for a photo shoot. After capturing these two, I could not be more excited for their wedding in October! Jaimie and Nate, thank you both for having me. See you soon!


Meet Jaimie and Nate..
I said while shooting this it looked more like the fall than the spring…
Outfit number 2…
how pretty is she??
We shot a few up top on the balcony but boy was the wind kicking!
Then I found some light..
Smoke show..
ahhhhhhh that light!
We headed down to the boathouse for a few more..
Could these colors be more awesome?
and we end with my token “bling shot”
one more… see you two soon!


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