I’m sure you all remember little James! If not here was his first blog appearance and here was his second. Well they say the third time  is a charm… um something like that. This little dude made me work for it when we got together for this shoot! I swear, I chased my man all over the park! Anyway I did manage to capture him in the end. Thanks so much to Jennifer and Jim for having me capture this little dude again! Looking forward to next time!


Didn’t he get big?

He was in motion for the whole shoot, no joke. I do love the image on the right.

Moments before he bumped his head..

The kid is so expressive. He’s so done with me in this image.

time for a shot with the fam!

“Wait, James!”

Ok, one more 🙂 see you guys in a year! (or maybe sooner?)

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