Jamie & Evan’s Saratoga Engagement Photos

What’s not to love about Jamie & Evan’s Saratoga engagement photos? These two had an amazingly beautiful fall day for a shoot. There was still some “peak foliage” hanging around for us which was great. Plus they brought their a-game and made it really easy for me! To say I can’t wait to get Jamie and Evan back in front of my lens would obviously be an understatement. Fortunately that will be in May so we won’t have to wait too long. I just love this one so I hope you all do too! Thanks so much for having me you guys!


Meet Jamie and Evan..
One of my favorite fall scenes of all time is a pine needle covered ground!
and since we were in Saratoga why not get classic for a few images?
this shoot has got some sweet b&w’s in it and these are some…
crushed it!
If you shoot in the month of October you have to embrace the leaves for a few.
no matter which way we turned there was pretty fall colors..
Easily my two favorite from this shoot.. Love how well these two images compliment each other.
Man I love this road!
Jamie’s so cute working the twirl.
these next two b&w’s I love too.
Since they golf too.. why not
and just like that, another wall of color appeared.
Outfit #2.. lets venture into the woods for this one..
Evan, you’re a lucky man. She’s gorgeous!
So many pretty elements worked into one session!
How about them curls? 🙂 The ladies at Strut kill it again.
and my token “bling shot” says this one’s a wrap!
but before we end, let me take a selfie or as I’ve called it for years the “turnaround” thanks again you two!!!


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