jennifer & ryan: hall of springs

OK peeps its about that time I share a new wedding with you all! The winter for us is generally quiet when it comes to weddings. I’m just stoked that we got blessed with a little snowfall on February 18th 2012. I’m sure when Jennifer and Ryan were planning their wedding they thought there would be tons of established snow on the ground. Little did we all know this winter will go down in the books as the winter that never happened. That being said, it was like a gift from god when it was time for this couples photos. We were shooting on the Avenue of the Pines and it began snowing. It was one of the most amazing moments in time. It only lasted for a short while but it came when we needed it. Jennifer and Ryan, thank you guys so much for choosing us! You’re wedding was beautiful and a non-stop party! Here’s to many years of love!


At Jennifers parents home awaited some pretty details..

Loving Dads reaction seeing Jennifer in her gown.

Great seeing my friend Alayne of Make Me Fabulous!

How could she not react like this? She looks beautiful!

Some pretty fleurs from Fleurtacious Designs.

The ladies..

One more of Jennifer..

The guys..

Love this.. we all know I love those moments with a bride and her father.

Mr & Mrs..

So we headed out to the Avenue of the Pines and what happened? This reaction is priceless because it really wasn’t snowing at all until this moment. For that reason, this will be my #1 favorite image I took on Feb 18, 2012.

of course this would be my facebook teaser, if we’re friends you already saw this image. if not, lets connect!

If you have not yet go look at the footage cinematographer, Al Woodard got of the snow falling. It’s stunning.

We thought to ourselves, why not shoot the bridal party image in the snow?

Another one of my favorite scenes…

in the Elario configuration..

and just like that, the snow was gone.. it’s amazing what a minute can do.

The Hall of Springs ballroom by Fleurtacious Designs

When the New York Players are in the house you party.

The food stations were amazing..

loving the partying shots..

Congrats you two!

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