jessica + alan = aidan

I know all remember Jessica & Alan they are 2008 Elario veteran’s. Well today I wanted to share more of them with you only this time its theres a new addition. The new addition is Aidan! He’s just a tiny little guy who when we shot this last week was only 1 month old. I love photographing newborns, especially when there are past bride & grooms of ours. Thats the ultimate compliment when someone has you back to take more photos. I just love Jessica & Alan too, really they are one of the nicest couples of all time. So without further ado here’s little Aidan.


First comes love

then comes marriage

then comes Aidan… he was sleeping peacefully when I arrived.

Then we woke him up. Look at his furry little back.

I really think this might be one of my fav’s from the whole session.

A couple with Dad.

And now Mom.

A family shot.

Another one..

New baby rooms are always so visual.

And then Aidan decided it was time for me to leave as he closes his eyes. Happy Memorial Day everyone!

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