kara & mike: hall of springs

Friday morning October 1, 2010 I receive an email…

From: Kara
Subject: Hmm..what’s plan B?
Date: October 1, 2010 7:07:22 AM EDT
To: JP Elario

“Every time I check the forecast it looks worse and worse so I quit looking. I’ll be in the parking lot at 2 doing a sun dance. See you later!”

Subject: Re: Hmm..what’s plan B?:

Good morning bride to be! We’re going to have a great day, no worries. Lets stick to the game plan. We’ll show up at the hotel and then head to the HOS, we have spots we can use that will keep you guys dry. You’re going to be a beautiful bride, I cant wait to photograph you!”

Let me just set this off by saying Kara & Mike are blessed because this little issue at 7am was water under the bridge come 3pm. I watched the forecast too and it looked like we had no chance to be outdoors. Luckily (as I mentioned to Kara above) the Hall of Springs is one of the best places to be at when rain is an issue. You have all those covered areas and whatnot, its just perfect. Anyway, we began at the hotel where Kara had the best hanger I’ve ever photographed a dress on. I have a peeve about wedding gowns on plastic hangers and unfortunately they seem to follow me everywhere and I always find myself shooting around them. Not this one, I loved this clever hanger. Props to Kara for this find. I believe she found it on Esty which I’m hearing more and more about brides finding neat stuff on. Fresh from Make Me Fabulous, Kara was ready to get into that gown and become Mrs Paluch. We then headed to the covered porticos at the Hall of Springs. Shortly then after Mike showed up and found his beautiful bride waiting for him. By the time of the first look the rain had stopped and was done for the day! How lucky are we? I actually think the rain helped since those pine needles were glued to the ground making an orange floor for us. Oh and Kara was great, not worried at all about her gown getting a little wet either. For that reason we have these incredible images to share. Their ceremony was held at St Peters right in town and after that we headed back up the Avenue of Pines to the Hall of Springs. This was wedding 1 of 2 this past weekend that we got to work with the super popular wedding DJ  Music Man Mike Garassi. Mike’s the man and always knows what to play. A couple more of Kara and Mike’s top choices would have to be videographer Al Woodard and florist Fleurtacious Designs. I’d say this bride and groom assembled quite an “A Team” of vendors. The Elario Photo Booth was also on the scene. Big thanks to our crazy Kat for holding it down. We also shot a promo/how two video for the company we get our backdrops from. Thanks to a former groom of ours Jason (04.20.07) for filming this for us. Back to Kara and Mike, what a fun and wonderful couple to set off October with. We enjoyed every minute of wedding day with you guys and appreciate you choosing us way back in January of 2009! I know you both are enjoying Hawaii!


You can find them on Esty ladies..

These getting ready shots in b&w are just wonderful.

I love the grain in this one. Reminds me of back in the day when I shot b&w film..

and we have ourselves a bride..

working it in room 326…

one final spritz and we out!

One our way into the hall I saw this and loved it.

This is one of my favorite bouquets Kris Ann’s done. I loved it. Fleurtacious Designs

Big Joe’s Nikon 300mm 2.8 stikes again.

During these shots were the last sprinkles of rain drops we’d see on October 1, 2010…

Beautiful girls..

OK one more of Kara..

Dad’s first look.. insert tissue here

Mike’s first look..

Here he comes..


What, what is that? Oh wait. Is that.. yeah.. uh sun? Yup! The sun made a cameo.


Ah the infamous Saratoga Springs bench

I saw this lane of color and knew this was the money spot..

She’s smiling because she know’s how good this image is looking 😉

Saturday morning you might have found this imaged teased on my facebook. Its easily my#1 fav

I love this one too.

Watch out now.. she’s working it

Oh this Elario configuration is just wonderful.

Back in April of 2009 I shot their engagement session in Boston.

This shot made me think of that one from the engagement session. This ones called “off to get married”

The next hand Kara found herself holding was Dads. They were enjoying a great laugh outdoors..

Then indoors they were more serious as Dad was ready to give away his little girl.

Delivering a great homily..

Mr & Mrs..

The Hall of Springs..

Flowers by Fleurtacious Designs

First dance..

Who knew Mike had the moves?

Elario Photo Booth madness.. Kara brought all kinds of props. People were bugging as usual.

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