Katie & Nate’s Savannah Engagement Photos

In case it’s your first time on my blog or you live under a rock, Katie O’Malley AKA Katie O’ is an amazing local wedding planner, an all around awesome person and a great friend of mine. A while back Katie stopped by our office for something and saw a print Big Joe had taken of the Wormsloe Plantation in Savannah, GA. She commented on how much she had loved the image saying something like “insert pretty bride and groom here” while pointing at the exact spot in the photo above. She always thought how gorgeous of a location it was and wanted to visit there. Shortly after, Big Joe decided to gift the canvas wrapped print to her and since then it’s hung on her wall at home.

Sometime after Katie fell in love with the image of Wormsloe Plantation she met and fell in love with Nate. In case you missed that blog go take a look now, I’ll wait. Katie met her match and the amazing Nate popped the question back in August. Since then I wondered if they’d do engagement photos and it wasn’t until a wedding back in October when she officially decided to do it thanks to her senior coordinator Chelsea saying something like “What!?! You’re not doing engagement photos?!?”. In very much #omaloney way of thinking these two thought BIG! It was over chicken wings and pizza one night back in late October we all decided that we were heading to Georgia and doing this thing!

That brings us up to speed…. Katie, Nate, Kris Ann and myself arrived in Savannah on Sunday December 1st and immediately started having a blast! I lived in Savannah back in 2002/2003 when I studied at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Way back then I always thought how awesome it would be to shoot a wedding or engagement session there. Little did I know ten years later I would be! On the day of the shoot I was so pumped and ready!! I knew this was going to be one for the books. After all, it’s the #omaloneys and one of the most beautiful places in the south.

For many reasons this was a great little getaway and I’m glad the four of us were all able to enjoy this special place. I’m so happy to have been able to give Katie and Nate these images and continue capturing their love story. Thank you both for having me!!  March 14th 2014 can’t come soon enough!


Where we last left off… the time Nate proposed to Katie and I captured it.
Monday, December 2nd 2013… We set off our shoot in Reynolds Square… love the trees in this square..
Ah ya know… the bench shot..
Nate brought the swag as always… love the shoes!!
This spot was so awesome! I loved it!
so we worked it for a bit…
Those who know Katie know that she’s a super fan of the forehead kiss.. Nate obviously knows this too as this is the second of many forehead kisses in this post..
how about the way that red hair lights up a photo??
The bagpiper knew #omaloney were going to be in this square.
Aaaaaaah the Spanish Moss! Can’t you feel Katie’s excitement here? It’s quite contagious.
cuddle on your man..
The way this moss lights up is so beautiful…
A famous Savannah landmark for a famous couple..
Fact: this is the spot where the bench that Forest Gump sat on was.
The way the light comes in these squares is just gorgeous..
so cute..
outfit #2… Loving the blue against this green!
outside of a wild antique shop..
such a great wall!
Forsyth Park..
Working the famous Elario Configuration 😉 in front of the famous Forsyth Park Fountain.
Love the pocket square.. watch out, dp!
walk this way…
Ahh…. one of my favorites from the second set..
a pretty b&w..
bling it in..
ok one more from the second set!!
This was the actual image Big Joe took back in 2009 that hangs in Katie and Nate’s home… This was the reason we went to Savannah…
this is what we saw when we arrived!!!! OMG!!! CLOSED!?!? I had no clue and didn’t do my research that this place was closed on Mondays. My bad.. luckily a super friendly ranger named Jason that lives on the property happened to be checking his mailbox when we were standing outside the gate wondering what we were going to. Katie O’ got him to let us shoot there! We had the whole place to ourselves!!
talk about an amazing location!
Jaw dropping.. I love this one!
Bow ties are super cool but seem even more awesome in the south.
How awesome is that pop of red????
Obviously this outfit had to be the most sparkly….
even in b&w this place is stunning..
When I knew we were heading to Savannah this is the image I had in my head. The most important forehead kiss image in this blog post. Also when I put this image on Facebook it broke records.. Katie and Nate hold the throne for the most liked and commented image I’ve ever posted on FB….. over 475 likes and over 80 comments… CRAY!
a twirl….
one more..
so pretty, KO…
and she knows how to accessorize…
as does Nate.. I love this one..
and as all my engagement sessions end… here is my token “bling shot”
and the ugly faced turnaround… love you guys!!


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