Katie & Ryan’s Canfield Casino Wedding Photos

Katie & Ryan’s Canfield Casino wedding photos are here!! It seems like this one has been on the calendar for a while. Katie and Ryan locked down all of their wedding vendors super early, securing a hell of a team. And the day? It was nothing short of wonderful, especially for November. You never know what kind of day you can get this time of year. But if you all remember weather isn’t a factor to these two. They braved the most freezing temps at their engagement session last February. Anyway, I love Katie and Ryan! We all do! We cannot thank them enough for choosing us and wish the best of luck, health and happiness to them in all the years ahead! This is a great post my friends so I hope you all sit back, relax, grab some snacks and indulge in some pretty photos!


November 8th 2014!
love this shoe shot.
I love the “No Shave November” gifts!
Let’s start celebrating early!
Gorgeous crew for the day!
Might be one of my favorite ring shots of 2014..
A gift for the groom..
Everyone gets gifts!
A tribute to both Grandfathers…
The Pavilion Grand Hotel is amazing. All brides to be getting dressed in Saratoga should check this place out. It’s amazing to shoot at!
Mom and Sis helping Katie with those buttons.
Beautiful details..
All ready to go!
1st look with the ladies..
and with Dad..
St Mary’s Church, Ballston Spa..
Such a great shot of Ryan and his boys..
Deep breaths and a final fluff from wedding planner, Katie O’!
Here comes your girl!
My favorite “handoff” shot Big Joe captured this season.
Beautiful moments during their ceremony.
Mr & Mrs..
So happy the fall colors stuck around late this year!
That gown tho..
Sup fellas? (told you I’d make you the tallest, Ryan)
This location was perfect!
Remember this?

They look good in all seasons.. 😉
That veil..
Katie, you’re stunning..
Nailed it!
I could have shot on this path all damn day!
They had a lot to smile about..
Watch out now!
Excuse us while we stop traffic real quick..
Like a painting..
Every wedding from October to April should have a big party bus. It’s a GREAT place to keep your bridal party and family warm in between photos. A no brainer.
A perfect backdrop for this bridal party.
Classic Big Joe polaroid.

 time for a couple sweet b&w’s…
and a twirl is a must.
again.. the color hung on for our November brides!!
too many favorites.. this one’s up there though.
This pharmacist couple had the coolest seating assignments/favors (made by the bride) ever.
The Canfield Casino
a moment in their room before the madness begins.
Party time!
1st dance.
The photobooth was poppin’ all night.
Yummy treats.
Aint no party like a NonStop Party cuz a NonStop Party don’t stop!
Congrats you two!!


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