Kristen & Steve’s Troy Engagement Photos

When planning this shoot Kristen and Steve wanted to have it be a very much “Troy” shoot. Over the years shooting in Troy has become more popular and I’m fine with that. I love all things Troy and it’s close to home for me too, so I’m always down to shoot in Troy. Of course, rain was a factor and as I parked my car it began to rain (yay). It did eventually stop and we were able to began our shoot. Rain 0 JP 1. We shot the casual portion of the shoot downtown before heading to Frear Park and onto the course for round two. On our way to the golf course it began to rain again but by the time they changed and we headed to our locations the rain had stopped. Rain 0 JP 2. The sun even came out which made for some pretty light images which is what I love.

Kristen and Steve, thank you both for having me capture your engagement shoot. I cannot wait for October 3rd when we can do this all over again but in wedding attire. You guys keep smiling until then.


Meet Kristen and Steve..
Good old Troy locations..
Since it had just rained the ground was wet which is always a good thing for photos..
Forsythia is one of my favorite spring blooms because my favorite color is yellow.
Nice bling.
so cute.
I could seriously wander around Troy as there are so many great little spots..
Another spring treasure..
Just sitting on someones steps, no biggie.
working it.
My favorite color pallet of the whole shoot..
Kristen smiles 24/7.. 🙂
New location… Frear Park in Troy.
Oh hey rain.. haven’t seen you in about an hour.
and then it stopped raining..
The Facebook teaser which had a lot of good buzz with over 270 likes and 30 comments! (not too shabby at all)
a little cameo from the sun..
another favorite of mine.
so pretty
Kristen, aerating the green… 😉
Both of these images are so beautiful…
and as I always end my engagement sessions here is my token “bling shot
and the turnaround! peace out!!


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