Kristie & Justin’s Central Park Engagement Photos

Whats not to love about Kristie & Justin’s Central Park engagement photos? Super good looking couple? Check. Fall foliage? Check. Tulle skirt? Check. This ones got that classic NYC feel to it. I love all the locations these guys chose for their shoot. And just when I think I’ve shot almost everywhere in this park there are always new spots popping up. These guys are tying the knot next September down in Long Island and we’ll be there to capture it all. I can’t wait to work with you again. Thank you so much for having me down to NYC to capture the love! See you soon!!


Meet Kristie & Justin!
I’ve always loved this part of Central Park..
Love the way that skirt twirled!
How cute is she?
I love this one.. its probably my favorite from the front end of the shoot.. just classic.
this whole series is fun!
There is nothing like fall in Central Park!
Working it! (Justin taking swagger notes from his BFF Eddie)
Not only will she make a beautiful bride, she’s going to be a fun one!
Girl knows her shoes…
outfit #2
There are more bridges and tunnels in this park and they’re all pretty awesome.
We’ll sit here for some pretty colors…
love it.
A quick stop at the castle (where on Wednesdays there are full wedding parties?)
Such a pretty b&w..
how cute is this one?
and we wrapped up under this arch..
so we’ll finish with my token “bling shot”. Justin looking at his empty wallet haha!
The hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil, turnaround! See you guys next September!!!!


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