Krystal & Adam’s Troy Engagement Photos

Krystal and Adam are set to tie the knot in late March of 2014. I’m stoked because their wedding is at the Canfield Casino too! Anyone who knows me knows I have love for the Casino in March as I had my wedding there 3 years ago.

This shoot was at multiple locations. We set it off at Adam’s parents home in Waterford NY. The home was a beautifully manicured piece of property. It is certainly Adam’s fathers pride and joy. Then we headed to the locks in Waterford for a little industrial flavor before heading to RPI where these two met!

Thank you both for having me capture your engagement session! It was fun with all the locations, your dog and the champagne! See you two real soon!


Meet Krystal and Adam.
and their little dog, Karrie.
So cute, she only barked at me once.
we wanted to use the tire swing but the tree its tied to has seen its better days it wouldn’t be fun to set off an e shoot with a fall on the ground! lol.
Outfit #2, location #2
The locks in Waterford!
love this b&w..
all the lines..
another fav from location #2
Ah!! Thats whats up! Love the light kicking off the water!!
oh hey there pretty girl!
another one that makes me smile.
work that Elario configuration guys!
More yummy light.
And location #3 and outfit #3. LOVE the way the building was getting washed in that golden light!
RPI is really an amazing campus.
The approach is always a nice spot in Troy.
“we pop champagne oooohhh” so fun.
super cute!
the light, amazing
probably my favorite from the whole session!
a little blue light never hurt nobody!
and of course, my token “bling shot”
and the turnaround!!! see you two soon!!!


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