Krystal & Kyle’s Historic Barns of Nipmoose Photos

Krystal and Kyle, were married a year ago. Back in November I received an enthusiastic email from Krystal who said she and Kyle never had engagement photos done and also we weren’t open for their wedding and being a fan of our work she really wanted to work with us. How awesome is that? It wasn’t until the day of the session when I met them and to say they’re adorable and ridiculously  photogenic would be an understatement! As always Nipmoose never falls short of amazing and with these two it was a home run! This shoot has been a long time coming my friends and I cant thank Krystal and Kyle enough for having me! Congrats on one year of marriage you two! Can we make this an annual thing? Thakns again.


Meet Krystal and Kyle..
I loved their colors in this first outfit!
Oh hey there pretty eyes…
Aaaaahh! This is one of the things I love about shooting here.
Aren’t they adorable?
It was a little windy but whatever.
Oh they brought their children too. Oreo + Diamond (left to right)
So freaking cute.
Outfit #2!
The aspen grove is amazing!! Especially with a 200mm 1.8L! Yum!
I’m cray cray about the lens flare in this one.
doesn’t this one make you smile?
sexy light.
If its a clear night at Nipmoose you can bet this golden light will appear.
the almost kiss, beautiful.
outfit #3
I love this one.. Will someone PLEASE plan their wedding here and have me shoot it? Please???
just some simple grass with some stunning light.
The light hitting the barn is so cool.
so pretty.
Happy 1st Anniversary you two!!
and a turnaround… mind my windblown locks. Thanks again guys!!


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