Lauren & Nick’s York Beach Maine Engagement Photos

Lauren contacted me and said while she, Nick and their families were on their annual summer vacation in York Beach, Maine that she’d like to do their engagement photos there. Of course I was more than happy to take this on. The timing was right for myself and Kris Ann both having the weekend of the 20th off so we decided to make it a vacation too. We met the bride and groom to be at the home they were staying at and then headed out on a little adventure. I loved all the locations they chose too! Toward the end of the session we had a little visit from rain because you know tis the season for rain but that didn’t stop us anyway. I had fun working with you both! I cant wait for your March wedding and to this all over again in the snow (hopefully). Thanks so much for having me to Maine!! Congrats again on the engagement and we’ll see ya soon.


Meet Lauren and Nick…
This location was easily one of my favorites.
Love the colors.
They changed it up a little with some new clothes and new location…
yes it’s true Lauren walked all the way on these rocks in those heel’s. (kidding)
Their blues looked so good at this location!
easily my favorite from the whole shoot.
working the bling and the Elario configuration.
Isn’t Maine just lovely?
The Nubble Lighthouse was our final stop.. it started to sprinkle (shocker) a bit here too.
I might have said this before but I’d love to just live in that house and chill out…
Ahhhh the blue tones… I really love the composition on this one. (it’s a good FB cover photo, Lauren)
so pretty.
and we’ll wrap it up as always with my token “bling shot”
and a goofy faced turnaround.


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