lily is one!

Whats up peeps? Sorry for the lack of blogs lately, sometimes I need to take a break from blogging. Plus for some reason June was a quiet month for weddings this year. Anyway for those of you who’ve been following the blog for over a year you’ve probably seen Lily pop up once or twice. Well this blog completes her one year study although knowing Steph and Dan I’m sure it wont be her last appearance on the blog. Thanks for having me document this gorgeous little child’s first year!! It’s amazing how quick that year went by!


Back in May of 2010 we had our first session..

A few months later was our second session.

And over the winter we had our third session..

Now she’s a year old and somewhat standing..

This is obviously my favorite from the session..

although I like this one too.

The static from the balloon was so funny..

How is it possible she’s that cute?

Such a happy little girl.

We’ll end with this shot in her Grandfathers chair. Talk about vintage… no offense gramps 😉

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